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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 17: Mob Rules

Ask us questions about episode 17! (And post fan art per Geoff’s command)


@AnneMunition I’ll just leave this here please don’t hurt me ;_;
TEMPEST You can push yourself to do one of the following: unleash a stroke of lightning as a weapon—summon a storm in your immediate vicinity (torrential rain, roaring winds, heavy fog, chilling frost and snow, etc.).
When you push yourself to activate this ability, you still get one of the normal benefits of pushing yourself (+1d, +1 effect, etc.) if you’re making a roll, in addition to the special ability.
When you unleash lightning as a weapon, the GM will describe its effect and significant collateral damage. If you unleash it in combat against an enemy who’s threatening you, you’ll still make an action roll in the fight, as usual. When you summon a storm, the GM will describe its effect. If you’re using this power as cover or distraction, it’s probably a setup teamwork maneuver, using Attune.

Chat needs to provide page references if they argue with you in chat! I was too slow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also great episode. I love how Carriless is like ‘We need to be quiet and subtle’… next minute they whip up a giant fucking riot. It’s just perfect. XD

edit: for like 90 typos

I’ll try to read you very charitably and assume your post contains the question, “Did you change how Tempest works on purpose?” The answer is no.

Anne should have had a bonus die or extra effect on Rune’s Attune roll. That is how it works.

There’s really no need to post the rules here. We know how it works, we just skipped past it in the moment. No big deal. It happens. It will happen again. I suggest not worrying about it.


I am still consistently blown away by the quality of RP between Aldo and Rune. There is so much history boiling right under the surface in their shared history. It is so great to see that interaction week to week.


Not a question, but a thank you. Today with differing family obligations it would have been reasonable to postpone or not have a show this week. But there was one and such an awesome episoded it was as well. So…

Thank You!


Didn’t mean to sound facetious, John. Adam insists on page ref and information if chat is “helping”. No one provided it, until after the incident had moved on and mods were getting mad. So I figured I’d leave it here. Sorry and delete if sounded rude. :confused:

Just going to leave this here @iNcontroLTV:
Church of the Ecstasy of the Geoff.

Totally a part of our game now:
In the ancient tomes and philosophies of the Church is hidden a prophesy kept from most eyes. “And behold the Deathbringer, fallen from the skies, comes to show us the path of ascension!”


@OneSevenDesign @iNcontroLTV i’m really interested to see how she who slays feels about cariless claiming to be a savior. I want john to start a “sit down, be humble” clock


A few times you’ve referred to the TV show or Movie version of the show, to help set a scene for the viewers and cast. In a hypothetical Blades TV show, John, who would you want directing it and what TV network would you immediately say yes to?

And for the cast, what actor/actress would you want to portray your characters, assuming it took place in your world.

That’s a tough call. I guess only HBO would show the content that we make.

I’d want Steven S. DeKnight (Buffy, Spartacus) and Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) running the show, probably.

The casting of actors is super hard and I’d leave those details to the players. Except for Mads Mikkelsen, who is Lord Scurlock, obviously. :slight_smile:


In some ways this felt like an episode where the team got back down to ‘normal’ business after a bit of a wild spring break. The show went super smooth though, I don’t recall anyone having any hang ups on rules, the way the RP interacted with the system felt really natural etc. In some ways I think this episode was the best advert for Blades In The Dark the RPG, on top of being a fun watch for Rollplay.

A couple of things that piqued my interest, content-wise:

  • Aldo’s slightly knowing talk with Rune, even though he’s not showing any signs of giving up the ‘taste’ that he’s developed. It was a level of hypocrisy that didn’t feel overplayed. It also helped give Aldo back a slightly different feel of psychopathy that’s distinct from the others.

  • I’m looking forward to where Catterby goes with this noble/ordering around thing she’s discovered. A career in politics, maybe, especially now the sweaty masses know her by sight and name?

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