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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 16: A Deal with the Goddess

Ask us about episode 16!


This show just keeps getting better and better!

when is minicrit gonna become a rule?

Heads up for those that didn’t see in chat: Bloodletters is tomorrow at 9:30pm Eastern on Adam’s channel! Get hype!

Really nice crossover work today John. I love these two shows, and your game in general. Already pre-ordered the leather-bound edition for me and a friend. To clarify a rule: Carriless could have resisted the XP drain if he wanted to, right? It probably would have ticked the Ire clock if he did, but I wanted to clarify if that was an option or not.

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just going to leave that here. that delivery :slight_smile:


Something that I’ve been wondering for a few episodes now. How powerful is Rune in this world? Is she actually some uncommonly powerful whisper or just some amateur with cool tricks? With PCs it’s so focused on them it can be difficult to know their real power in a greater context.

This battle and slaughter is pretty significant right? Killing at least 2 spirit wardens (Flint and the other guy?), leaving no bodies but theirs with NO BELLS must be a huge deal in the city. I get the impression that Blue-coats are like local cops, and Spirit Wardens are like…FBI or CIA or something. Like 2 stars vs 4 or 5 stars wanted level.

Great show from all of you! Looking forward to next week.

I’d like to reiterate DJWHeat during the post show mentioning how helpful a map has been!

thank you so much for doing the very simplistic maps , John. Great job.

Also great point from Zeke with the ‘affectionate’ roleplay… fuck Twitch chat! The HaHAA emote and the cringe and what have you… just sod off. I like the cheesy affectionate roleplay.
Eff the haters! Great job. I loved it.


Now, as someone who hasn’t watched the episode… were people ACTUALLY hating/being trolls? Or did some people just have a different reaction than others? Honestly the terms “troll” and “hater” are so nebulous and often misused that it comes off as “I don’t like what they said/did, therefore, they’re haters/trolls” every time either of those terms are used.

Maybe. To resist, you need some means of resistance. Can you resist a god? There’s no hard rule about that. I’d probably say no.

Rune is an exceptional Whisper. There are others as powerful as her (or more) but they’re rare.

Very much so. They got a wanted level from it, and now the Spirit Wardens are not gonna mess around with a little strike team anymore. Escalation is coming.

No, there was just a single comment, I think. No big deal – but it gave us a good topic to discuss in the post show.

Very good show as always, I’ll start by saying that the fight this week seemed to move along alot more smoothly, the usage of the small map was said by @djWHEAT to have helped him get a sense of his surroundings which inturn enabled him to make informed actions, couple that with the casts continued familiarity with their skills and combat options and I think we arrive at the main factors for the streamlined encounter.

As can be seen through my previous comments, I’ve been vying for Carriless to attain the occultist skill since fairly early on.
In my mind, seeing as Carriless was introduced into the game as an Acolyte of She Who Slays In The Dark, Story/RP wise it could have been an option for him to already have had this skill from the start, it was established very early into the show that Carriless had a strong connection to the Goddess, which seems a tad backwards without the means to communicate effectively with her i.e. the Occultist skill.
I, unlike @OneSevenDesign, did not create Blades so me saying that could be over stepping, sorry if so.

Regardless of all that, I was very pleased for the scene between Carriless and the Goddess, I’d said before that I thought having the Goddess be more of a presence in the show could potentially foster some great RP moments for primarily @iNcontroLTV and @OneSevenDesign but also for other members of the cast, namely @AnneMunition seeing as Rune is currently on the track for the Goddesses Favour.

I had personally pictured the Goddess differently, of course given that the Goddess is mostly formless and not truly knowable it could be said that all perceptions of her are both incorrect and correct at the same time.

Once again, good stuff all around. Looking forward to to next week.

I think this is a really cool thing to explore. I would love to see the Goddess later from Rune’s perspective, and know how Rune internalizes her conceptually.


Yeah, the way the goddess appears depends greatly on the person perceiving her. For Carriless, she’s a giant winged demon, of course. :slight_smile:


not many questions this week but i had to ask about notoriety in the game. It seems to me with the bluecoats running into the lastword and how many people have seen them in action, that at the very least aldo and rune might start to be recognized as part of this gang. So i guess my question is about how notoriety and “wanted”-ness differ

The crew’s Heat level determines how much attention is on them right now and their Wanted Level affects how bad it is when the powers-that-be actually go after them.

(Mechanically, both Heat and Wanted Level factor into entanglement rolls.)