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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 15: Flint

Ask us questions about episode 15!


Wait why aren’t there any replies!? @.@

This was an intense episode! Poor Carriless :<

Also Flint being insanely skilled at fighting… wtf?
Does being Tier 4 just automatically make you know kung fu? Do all the fucking lawyers who’re part of the city council know how to beat serious ass? XD I dunno if that makes sense in my mind.

I know you gotta balance encounters and all, I get that, but holy crap. TIER 4. ALONE. o.O

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Flint is also a Spirit Warden, which are trained to fight ghosts and demons and to try and keep them from threatening the Empire. They’re like the Inquisition of Blades in the Dark. So a single Spirit Warden is supposed capable of fighting not just those threats, but the mere mortals who try to help perpetuate them.

Although it was a surprise to hear he’s a Tier IV.

But I can’t really ask anything because they’re all background related and the answers would be spoilery. :smiley:

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LORD SCURLOCK is only TIER THREE alone. :open_mouth:

I think I’m just not understanding the rules right and am just an idiot. xD

So in first episodes of the show, you had cool artwork of the enviroment where the assasination would take place. Any chance you could bring more of those in?

I also had a question about crew tier advancement, how does it work? So far it seems to mostly have been based off reputation.

Otherwise, i just wanna say great episode!

I had a question for @djWHEAT, I think the most memorable sessions with miss Cataby were the first one with the duel, the dealings with Aldo’s book and the fight club. These needed deceptions and manipulations to succed because the crew wasn’t powerful enough to face these threats.
Now that the cutters and the whispers are crazy powerful, I feel like there is not much need for preparations or finely executed plans.

Does this change of power affect miss Cat in any ways ? Will the mastermind who talks first and fight only when obliged slowly taking the path of “the nut shot vicious character” ?

Now that the story is pretty much focused on Belle storyline/Cariless vengence, it seems like you have a hard time to find opportunities to develop Cat’s character and relationships with the crew ?
We saw that with the Crows and her new long term projects, she’s ready to do anything to gain more money just for the sake of it.
We saw a weird relationship being developed between her and Rune with the Bloodletters.
But these scenes and opportunities don’t take a lot of space in the story.

Is that because the story is so focused on the main story line, and you feel it’s more important to give space to that ? Or because you look for what comes next for her personnality ? (I think this is the first time you have a character not deeply linked to the main story, maybe you struggle with that too :thinking: ?)

I’m so used to watch you play characters with big personnalities like Piani, Amzel or Bonbon. Maybe because this one is quieter and more secretive, I may have a harder time to see through the character :confused:

Nice Shot btw :gun: :itmejplol: :ok_hand:

No, I agree that his tier is confusing. I think it’s representative that he’s backed by a different, stronger tiered faction(the Spirit Wardens) combined with his own personal tier, whereas Lord Scurlock is just all by his lonesome.

Could be wrong.

I’m betting he’s got a lower tier persona that he uses as a spirit trafficker, but keeps all of his Spirit Warden stuff concealed. When Rune got in his face and blew his cover, he had no reason to hold back.

This may have been answered before but when Cariless got one of his powers back, it makes me wonder why he seemingly worships She Who Slays. If he is a former demon, why is he worshipping anything? Is She Who Slays on a higher order of power than demons or is she a demonic entity herself?

Flint was a Spirit Warden. The Spirit Wardens are a Tier IV faction. That’s all.

He was an expert fighter and part of a very high Tier organization (which – in the case of the Spirit Wardens – means excellent combat training among other things). Every Tier IV faction isn’t filled with awesome fighters. Why would that be? This game doesn’t work that way at all.

Flint was a great fighter because Flint was a great fighter.

He wasn’t a Tier IV gang all by himself or something. When I say “he’s Tier IV,” I’m referring to his faction, in the same way the the Last Word members are Tier I. He’s still just one guy, though, caught by surprise without his very fancy SW gear – which is why Miss Cattaby can simply shoot him and he dies.

That makes sense. I guess we were thinking that he was by himself like Lord Scurlock, and therefore a smaller tier. But if he’s being treated as a Spirit Warden, then yeah, that does make sense. A lot of sense.

TIER refers to the faction’s overall power in the world (as well as their effectiveness at doing the things the faction is focused on doing).

SCALE refers to the size of a gang.

A faction’s Tier gives you a rough idea of the Scale of its gangs.

Lord Scurlock is a Tier III faction, with one gang, containing a single vampire, who has the Scale of a large gang (20 people).

The Spirit Wardens are a Tier IV faction, with a few gangs, each with Scale equal to a huge gang (40 people). In a fair fight against a gang of SW’s, Lord Scurlock is in trouble.

A single Spirit Warden has Scale equal to one person, with Tier IV gear and overall effectiveness at fighting and dealing with the supernatural. Against Lord Scurlock, alone, a single Spirit Warden is fucked.


Is there a reason Carriless didn’t take stress during downtime? He didn’t indulge in his vice, but he did have a trauma.

You mentioned how the Bloodletters crew is talking about the difficulties of controlling their resources with The Last Word running amok. I was curious if you had any specific pointers for a GM wanting to run two concurrent same timeline Blades groups? I understand that regularity of play due to schedules is a bit of an issue for Bloodletters. But are there any other potential issues you would warn against?

He did indulge his vice.

How does the crew get those things on the left on the crew sheet, the stuff with turf etc?

How many people live in Doskvol?

You get Claims by doing a score to take them from whoever has the claim now.

The population of Duskwall isn’t specified in the book. It’s a “large city” – which can mean whatever you need it to mean for your game.

It really felt while watching this episode that Anne (not Rune) didn’t quite get that Flint’s real job was undercover spirit-narc, or that she didn’t realize he didn’t think she knew about it. Like maybe she was confused by him being a contact on her sheet (isn’t he where they have gotten their poisons/knockout drugs?).

Don’t know though, The Last Word are definitely bomb-throwers, so maybe that’s what she meant to do!