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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 13: The Dockers Are Burning

Ask us questions about episode 13!

This was the season finale for S1. Season two starts on Sunday! 2pm EDT.

(Salia’s conspiracy map:


Damn, I won’t be able to catch the beginnings of subsequent shows due to Church on Sunday mornings! :frowning: Cannot wait though! I’ll be looking for the VODs and watch the latter two hours each show! (Interested to see what Geoff will do when football season returns) :stuck_out_tongue:
Question for @iNcontroLTV: Is Cariless bound by word at all, or what stops him from going back on his word to his friends? Wouldn’t that be the most “demonic” thing to do?

Hey guys great show, holy shit sunday can’t come fast enough.

@iNcontroLTV On a scale of one to agonizing, how hard was it to hold on to a character’s secret like that for so long without telling anyone?

Well this whole episode was awesome, and the lore drops were excellent. I was actually a little concerned about [spoiler] the whole Salia thing, because I went that route in my own game but didn’t see it from this campaign until now! [/spoiler].

My only question though, The conspiracy map is AWESOME. Is there some way for a lesser design person (i.e. Me) to have something as cool for use in their own games? It doesn’t seem to be something in the pdf sheets released so far …

Awesome episode, as always I have two questions:
-[spoiler]Is Salia the same as the weird Vice Purveyor? (The ghost one)[/spoiler]
-[spoiler]And is the Red Hand shown in the conspiracy map linked to a certain creepy boy from another crew of daring scoundrels?[/spoiler]


Salia being possessed was an intensely awesome twist!

I only knew Carriless was a pseudo-demon because John specifically described Setarra to us in Bloodletters…

And she looks exactly like a female stylized Carriless, sharktoothed smile and all!

Was Carriless the avatar of whatever is giving Setarra power now? Or did Setarra simply become “Carriless-like” by absorbing his power?


Great end to the season. This show is cementing itself as my all-time Rollplay favorite.


Wow, amazing episode! This has become my favourite current show out of the awesome shows that are on here!

For a question, the war seems to have gone very badly for the Dockers. Not only did they lose, but they were burned alive in a building in possibly broad daylight (time of day was unclear or I missed it), and any who were left were brutally murdered and then had to pay compensation for the war.

My question is will the outcome of this war cause other factions to reconsider challenging The Last Word like this? I assume that it is known in the underworld that the dockers are a bigger deal (T3 vs T1).

For @iNcontroLTV about the beautiful man that is Carriless Firm. Is it confirmed now he is ACTUALLY a former demon? He’s not just delusional (which is what I originally thought when Aldo got some hints about him).

Great job to all the cast and I can’t wait until Sunday!


I missed the first hour and a half but wow this was a great episode!

I wish my memory is better because I forgot some of the people on the conspiracy map.

@OneSevenDesign sorry if this was asked before, What are reclaimed ghosts? Are they just ancient and thereby more powerful? Does age alone determine the power of ghosts?

What are the Kotar artifacts?

Some clips

Carriless is learning about jokes
Let it go chat - Anne. Now a command in chat. Thanks Anne

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i know this isn’t the place to ask this but i don’t really know where else to ask this question, how its a good way to start a blades in the dark campaign? if it’s written in the book, just tell me that because i am getting it anyway.

The World of Blades is constantly shrouded in darkness, there is no “Daylight” to speak of, @OneSevenDesign please correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that’s due to some Cataclsym in the distant forgotten past.
Granted there would still be hours of the day that are treated like Daylight hours for work and such though, John only mentioned that people looked out of their windows to see what’s going on, not hysteria in the streets around them. So I surmise the fight took place in the latter end of the evening.

I do like the idea that this hefty defeat of The Dockers at the hands of The Last Word will have a ripple effect throughout the underworld, for good or ill. The Dockers being connected to The Hive may also garner them unwanted and premature attention from their soon to be new target. And could also open up The Dockers to be finished off by another Gang now that they’re heavily weakened.

The Future seems…Dark?? (Bright doesn’t seem like the right word for anything Blades. :P)


Great episode! Since we’re treating this as a bit of a season wrap-up, heading into a new phase, and moving to a new time (that might draw new viewers), any chance we’ll get a quick recap at the start of Sunday’s episode? I’d also love to see the current crew sheet and character sheets just to make sure I understand the current levels/situation. Anything to make it easier for new viewers to hook in and for us all to follow along.

Love the show. Keep it up, and thanks for adjusting to a better time.


That would be a certain Skurlock’s alias. :scream:

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I’m currently making my way through [spoiler]The Bloodletters[/spoiler], and I thought that name was familiar.
How interesting, this opens up more possibility for cross play between The Last Word and [spoiler]The Bloodletters[/spoiler].

-[spoiler]Is Salia the same as the weird Vice Purveyor? (The ghost one)[/spoiler] Yes.
-[spoiler]And is the Red Hand shown in the conspiracy map linked to a certain creepy boy from another crew of daring scoundrels? [/spoiler] Yes.

Possibly. Or the Dockers’ allies will set their course on retribution. We’ll see!

The Reconciled: An association of spirits who have not gone feral with the passage of time. (page 293)

Pages 201-205 in the book.


Thank you for the clips :smiley:

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Having watched all of rollplay blades, Bloodletters, Blades on elf’s channel and other channels I’ve never understood the reaction some people have had which is to say Blades is not dangerous to the characters and it is too forgiving. The system is brutal in certain ways and in elf’s game they go through characters at an insane rate.

Any idea Why people have this misconception of your system john or am I just so deep into blades that I can see the long term fallout on characters?

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Thanks so much. Now I am sorry I asked the question before referring to the PDF :itmejpfml:

It’s usually just simple ignorance. Some people are used to seeing HP numbers go down and they don’t understand what’s really happening. Hopefully the new character trackers on screen will help them figure out what’s going on.


@OneSevenDesign @itmeJP Is it worth you guys putting out a hype video with a catch up of the last season to get new or returning viewers caught up with the new time slot?