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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 11: Showdown at Salia's

Ask questions about episode 11!

I did have a question about @Ezekiel_III’s decision to change his vice.

I understand you’ve been looking for a new vice that feels appropriately self destructive but I wonder if the route you’re taking messes with the group balance?

As it stood Aldo was a sort of foil to Carriless. Carriless is a killer because he likes it and that is his go to tool for resolving a situation. Aldo, on the other hand, only killed for business and generally tried to get along with people. This feels like an interesting dynamic and leads to good contrast and friction between the gang’s motivations.

In this last episode however, Aldo performs an unnecessarily brutal murder, changes his vice to bloodsports and seems to seriously consider Carriless’s offer of demon magic. This is certainly a turn in character direction!

I guess what I’m getting at is that with Wheat adding vicious as a trauma and Rune already being pulled at by demon magic won’t the story become a bit stale if it’s just Carriless and his Murder Crew?

I fully respect your desire to grow your character and I was hesitant to even ask about this really but…I like stories and rp and I suppose I’m curious how you view Aldo’s change and it’s relation the overall story?


I think Aldo’s change in character has to do with his trauma, “Obsessed”. He’s obsessed with getting revenge for his sister (correct me if I’m wrong), so falling to the dark side of the force would make sense. He’s tempted by Carriless’ power. He’s thinking about taking on The Hive, which is one of the top two groups in this setting afaik. So more power is good. As for his vice, that’s probably also connected to it. I’m fine with his character shifting towards that. What I’m curious about is how far Aldo will go and if he’ll ever stop. Like if he joins the cult and gets dark god mind tendrils, but eventually rejects it in the end and be redeemed or if he’ll forever fall to chaos.

Sure that all makes sense and I have no issue with Zeke taking his character that direction (or any direction, it’s dumb to backseat a rollplayer heh). What I was trying to point out is how it changes the gang’s dynamic.

If Aldo sells his soul for power it makes the gang (and the story they’re creating together) kinda one dimensional. One ruthless killer is fine but four could very well be tedious.

Again, I don’t mean to tell him what to do I’m just pointing out the framework they’re creating and the possible issues it could cause in future.

Talking about rollplay shows is kinda weird. I feel like I’m analyzing the plot of a tv show but of course the story is being created week to week and moment to moment by people without a script. I don’t want to get in the way of the improv but I like discuss where we see the story arcs headed.

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Yeah, it’s totally cool to give your feedback, Zandivya. I appreciate hearing what people think.

But, as you say, we make the show improvisationaly, week to week, without an over-arching guide. If we end up with four ruthless killers, then that’s what we get. We’re not actually a TV show that needs to make things turn out a certain way. We play to find out. :slight_smile:

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It could be, though Aldo does seem to be making promises to a lot of people and is really mostly using Carriless as a tool. If he gets teased with possibly more powerful help I could see him really being tested - and who knows what’ll happen to him after he succeeds in his vengeance.

Also, @OneSevenDesign I thought it was worth noting that I actually liked seeing the roll for how the Dockers reacted to the fight, it helps put the group’s actions in some kind of context for the city. I understand the cast not necessarily wanting to know the results, but as a viewer it could really help raise the stakes (if anything moreso if the players don’t know what shit they’re stirring). If you wanted to keep them in the dark then maybe a small Patreon vid where you do the rolls for the NPCs and explain what they mean to the viewers might be worth considering.


I was looking forward to Aldo trying to get his art fix in while at war with the different gangs or wanted by the law [at war with the blue coats].

He was multi dementional now…

We’ll see where this is going one way or the other.

Still highly entertaning.

Pretty good episode, Fun to see some more combat
I also don’t get Aldos new vice, I liked it when he was into the art stuff.

I can’t speak for Zeke, but I think Aldo’s changes have a lot to do with the Trauma he took and his new obsession to destroy everything in his path to get payback for Belle. He’s not himself.

Can he ever return to the softer, art-loving Aldo we once knew? It’s an interesting question, imo.


By default, no. But a long-term project (or several) or a ritual might be able to solve that problem, depending on how the trauma is defined and how you want to remove it.


To me, it felt like Zeke wasn’t sure how there could be a downside to his Vice rolls when he was into art, but he never flubbed a roll so there was no real opportunity for complications to occur on that front and he tried to engineer complications, without success, when he grabbed the violin from someone. I just think it’s a shame that he didn’t stick with the cultural brute thing because i would have loved to have him kicked out of the opera or something and then consequently see him trying to get off of a shitlist because he came off as too brutish. After his change of heart he strikes me as exactly what he looks like, a violent bruiser, which, to me, at least, is not really as interesting.


Exactly what I was thinking.

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Late to the party, was burried in work for a bit… watching this right now.

Carriless referring to Rune’s absence “Rune is stoned out of her mind […] this was an incredible amount of highness”. Can we please call Rune “her Highness” from now on, when too much drugs are involved? Pretty Please? :itmejplol:

I feel like I stumbled upon a stoner joke from the 1960s… so proud of myself…