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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 10.5: Snow Day

(wirenfeldt) #22

@OneSevenDesign I just finished the last part.. Did the Bloodletters game reschedule or fall through or what happened there? :slight_smile:

(TwilightBorealis) #23

The Bloodletters game happened on Monday on Adam's twitch channel. I'm not sure if it is up on youtube yet, but if you are a sub to Adam's channel, you can watch it on his VODs.

(OneSevenDesign) #24

We all announced the Bloodletters game on twitter. That's the best place to stay updated. (I'm @john_harper) Sorry you missed it. It will be up on my YouTube channel as soon as possible.

(banned) #25

Any word on when Adam will be releasing the most recent vods?

@AdamKoebel poking for obvious reasons.

(OneSevenDesign) #26

There's no Word. There was never any Word. It's been years. We huddle around trash-can fires, wrapped in rags, praying for the day of the Great Return of the VODs.

Without the Word, what can we do? We are the damned.

(banned) #27

(SoberCreativity) #28

I watches a bit of bloodletters after being introduced to Canter, and I'm a bit confused.

Their lair is Scurlock Mansion, and one of the players is playing someone named Oskarr Scurlock. Is this the same Lord Scurlock Rune wants to kill?

I've watched all of blades, but haven't watched much of Bloodletters So I don't know how much crossover the two shows have. Same universe? Same timeline? Same Scurlock? Anyone up to date with letters?


(Might be Captain Marvel) #29

Reminder to @SoberCreativity and those who will answer the question to use the blur spoiler tag (the magic wand icon near the smiley face ) when talking about the Bloodletters show in order not to spoil the show for those who have not watched it,

(Twitch: xRandomYo) #30

Oskarr Scurlock is a relative of the Lord Scurlock, who Rune wants to kill. However, we don't know if the two games exist in the same timeline. There have been no inconsistencies between the two shows, and events such as the Massacre of the Red Sashes have occured in both universes. We'll have to wait and see; I suspect these questions will be answered after (or around when) The Last Word confronts Lord Scurlock. An event like that is big enough that it will be mentioned in Bloodletters if the shows exist in the same timeline.

Hope this answered some of your questions. :itmejphappy:

(OneSevenDesign) #31

They're in the same universe, yes. The Bloodletters are currently about a week behind the Last Word in the timeline.

(sk0tobot) #32

Are you maintaining a common continuity for both the Bloodletters and Blades shows? Does that mean Marlene (sp?) is now dead for the Bloodletters campaign as well? I would think this could be pretty difficult and complicated to keep up.

(Raetac) #33

Again, a beautiful episode, it was great to be in the imagined space of the PC's backstory. Including the cross over with @AdamKoebel leads me to hope with more inclusions from the Bloodletters crew. The sheer mention of the continuation of that story finally tipped me over the fence to subbing up to a twitch steam again just for the VoDs. Cant wait to see the fallout of the two gangs influencing each others stories.

Better than TV, thanks folks :smiley:

(banned) #34

Yes, it's mentioned directly in the most recent Blood Letters episode.