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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 1: The Trial Run

We just finished our first official episode! Ask me questions. :slight_smile:


I must insist we shake hands.

Amazing session and fantastic show! I love ALL of the characters. Huge shout-out to @AnneMunition , @iNcontroLTV , @djWHEAT , and @Ezekiel_III for making memorable characters I can’t wait to learn more about.

John @OneSevenDesign , holy shit man. Blades is an INCREDIBLE system. Can’t wait to get in on a game in the near future with my friends. Also, love the world you created and your explanations of the surroundings. :itmejp10:

What were your influences for the Blades system and setting?

And thanks @itmejp for putting the show together :itmejpheart:


Holy stuff, that was amazing


In one episode you’ve already made my favorite show ever. All the characters are so goddamn great and I’m the biggest sucker for callbacks. The fact that this feels like a sequel to the previous games we’ve been watching is so gratifying.

Now for a question: How much rope are you going to give before you hang’em, John? :stuck_out_tongue:


Everything about this is incredible. The system, the players, the setting, and of course, you. Thank you for creating something so awesome, I can’t wait for more.

Any idea what day it is going to be on normally? It doesn’t say on the schedule (yet.)


That was so good I think i need a cigarette :itmejpgasm:


Wow, what a ride.

I have to say, I wasn’t sure about Blades, beforehand. There are a lot of places in the quickstart rules where I wanted more meat on the mechanics. But I really liked how when dice were rolled, the scene always progressed. Dice just said whether or not it went well or poorly for them, but it always went forward.

Great cast, can’t claim a favorite yet, good moments from all. Looking forward to the next installment. Which is tomorrow, right? Gotta get that fix.


“Now I may look like I don’t know shit from shoeshine, but I’ll tell you, I’ve been around.”
“Alright. Just know, that after I shake your hand, if something wonky happens to me, I’ll take the other hand and crush your pretty smile with it.”
SO GOOD. :itmejp10:


You mentioned towards the end that an experienced Blades group could do 2 missions in one session. Is there room for longer, multi session missions?


Have to say, been around since Solum…This has to be the most exciting/ fun start to a role play show for me. This HAS TO STICK AROUND, longer than the last few shows have. I need this in my life. Blades is such a fantastic and new setting as well as system. I want this system for myself to play.

cough i guess i should as a question: Was this first " job" more of a tutorial considering how smooth it went and will future jobs be more spontaneous (can change direction) or more potential twists to them?


I think this show may have the best first hour of any RollPlay show. I had very high expectations for this show given the game, GM, and cast. They were wonderfully exceeded.

@OneSevenDesign, bravo for both creating the game system and running an excellent first show on RollPlay! I think I speak for all of the community when I say we’re very excited that you’re here.

As for my question. Do you see this campaign as a test run for long form play of your game? If I’m not mistaken, Blades in the Dark is still in beta. Do you plan on pushing the mechanics of the game within the campaign, and if you are will you tell us what you want to put through the ropes?


I absolutely love this show already. Thank you @OneSevenDesign for DMing this show and creating this wonderful system. Thank you to the amazing cast @iNcontroLTV @djWHEAT @AnneMunition and @Ezekiel_III for your performances and the great characters you have created. Thanks to @itmeJP for making this show possible.

No question this will just be me gushing.

Also here are some clips form the show (I wish I had more but I was either too engaged or laughing):
Aldo not a fan of shaking Carriless’ hand
“you know what they say about weeds”
Part 1 Wheat’s Dice rant
Part 2 Wheat’s Dice rant
Shakespearean Geoff


This show is great it’s my new favorite

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HAHA those clips are so good!!


zeke, despite having had very little involvement in the job knocked it out of the park - working class cutter with a pretty spot on peaky blinder accent and sense for the fine arts - great stuff

Anne’s scene in the pub (leaky bucket, was it?) was pretty nice as well imo

now if goeff dials down the silly a notch this might really be quite promising (then again he didnt decapitate ppl with his rapier/arrows which must have taken a lot of willpower - I guess I can ask only so much)


Oh god, Shakespeare Geoff was the best


For me Nothing should be dialed down for Geoff’s character. LOVE it


I discovered Rollplay towards the end of the Swan Song and Mirrorshades runs (which were great), and I’ve enjoyed all the one-shots so far, especially Dogs in the Vineyard, but I have to say that this show makes me the most excited. From the character creation, to the art, to the first show, I’m so excited to see what comes next.


The main setting and situation influences are:

  • The Vlad Taltos books by Steven Brust (Jhereg, Yendi, Teckla, etc.)
  • The Wire (tv show, by David Simon et al.)
  • Peaky Blinders (tv show, by Steven Knight et al.)
  • Narcos (tv show, by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro, et al.)
  • Thief: The Dark Project, and sequels (video game, by Looking Glass Studios)
  • Dishonored (video game, by Arkane Studios)

Game system influences are:

  • Talislanta, by Steve Sechi
  • Apocalypse World, by Vincent Baker and Meg Baker
  • Burning Wheel, by Luke Crane

Plus probably the other 207 rpgs I’ve played. They all taught me something. :slight_smile:


JP will announce the regular day and time soon. Check out the calendar here to keep up to date.