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[RollPlay: Blades] Episode 21: Not to be Trifled With

Ask us about episode 21!


Bible… Thump man. BibleThump.

“You will be my north star, Rune…” Aldo, 2017

Edit: I love how their ultimate target basically is going to be a god.

To kill a god. :slight_smile:

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I’m not guiding it, but the players definitely have concrete goals that they want to pursue. There’s always a tension here, because this is roleplaying, not a scripted TV show. Will things work out in a nice, neat ending>? I don’t know. We don’t force those things in RPGs.

Just Angel it so it ends with nothing conclusively achieved lol

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i really wish you guys hadnt publically announced a set number of episodes remaining…just has killed my immersion in the show :confused:

that being said since we are coming towards the end of the series what surprised you the most while playing with this group? is there something their playstyle exposed about the game that you hadnt considered.

this group has notoriously rolled exceptionally well in some super dicey situations with no qualms about the potential consquences, how would you approach a much more cautious group and enticing them to act. my groups tend to be super cautious bc they are used to death from playing lots of 5e

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