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Roll to Hit and Roll to Hit 2 on spotify!


(Drumurboy) #1

So kinda big news (at least to me) is my rollplay fan music is on spotify, apple music and google play music now!

The first Roll To Hit might take a little longer cause it's 20 tracks.

Sorry if this feels like an ad or something, but for me this is kinda huge and I wanted to share it with people who might give a shit! :sweat_smile:

Thanks to everyone who says nice things about the music in chat during the shows!

(disusedgenius) #2


I do indeed give a shit, for the record.

(Kol_Saresk) #3

Sweet. Now I can add all of your awesome work to my spotify playlists. I can have Ride of the Valkyries, then Thunderstruck, and then one of the many awesome Rollplay songs!

Schweet!(whenever I say schweet, just imagine Sid from Ice Age. Total satisfaction)

(Absent_Minds) #4

Congratulations dude!!!! have to add it to my playlist

(Twitch: uzling) #5

Amazing! and I can 100% understand why you are so hyped. Keep up the amazing work, and ill make sure to add it all to my spotify lists.

(Drumurboy) #6

Got the email yesterday that Roll to Hit is now available to be streamed :smiley:

Took a little longer due to the number of songs.

Thanks everyone for the follows and support! You da bessss <3

(Twitch: no742617000027) #7

So now all the VODs that have the music will be content flagged? :smiley:

(Drumurboy) #8

Nope! I retain 100% rights and have not clicked the "get fukt youtube" button nor do I intend too! :smile:

(Twitch: no742617000027) #9

Cool! So everyone, make a playlist with the songs and let it runs 24/7? :>

(Drumurboy) #10

I think there are rules against that now unfortunately.

Look up Sleepify by Vulfpeck for more info on that!

Genius idea really, but against TOS I think.