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Roll to Hit and Roll to Hit 2 on spotify!

So kinda big news (at least to me) is my rollplay fan music is on spotify, apple music and google play music now!

The first Roll To Hit might take a little longer cause it’s 20 tracks.

Sorry if this feels like an ad or something, but for me this is kinda huge and I wanted to share it with people who might give a shit! :sweat_smile:

Thanks to everyone who says nice things about the music in chat during the shows!



I do indeed give a shit, for the record.

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Sweet. Now I can add all of your awesome work to my spotify playlists. I can have Ride of the Valkyries, then Thunderstruck, and then one of the many awesome Rollplay songs!

Schweet!(whenever I say schweet, just imagine Sid from Ice Age. Total satisfaction)

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Congratulations dude!!! have to add it to my playlist

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Amazing! and I can 100% understand why you are so hyped. Keep up the amazing work, and ill make sure to add it all to my spotify lists.

Got the email yesterday that Roll to Hit is now available to be streamed :smiley:

Took a little longer due to the number of songs.

Thanks everyone for the follows and support! You da bessss <3


So now all the VODs that have the music will be content flagged? :smiley:

Nope! I retain 100% rights and have not clicked the “get fukt youtube” button nor do I intend too! :smile:


Cool! So everyone, make a playlist with the songs and let it runs 24/7? :>

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I think there are rules against that now unfortunately.

Look up Sleepify by Vulfpeck for more info on that!

Genius idea really, but against TOS I think.

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