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Revlo Twitch link


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EDIT: Just checked the Revlo Twitter where people state the same issue:

My original post:

Heyo! Just set up Revlo to collect that juicy salt and came across a bug (maybe?).

I managed to link Youtube and Twitter for extra rewards but it doesn't seem to register that I'm already subbed to JP in order to activate the Twitch sub connection. Talking about this stuff right here:

When I click 'subscribe' a new window pops up that shows a Twitch page with the subscription details:

However, the fact that I'm already subbed doesn't seem to be passed on to Revlo. Now I assume un- and resubbing would be an option but that seems like a wonky workaround (especially if other people have the same issue I think it'd be worth fixing). I realize that contacting Revlo directly might be the wiser thing but I just wanted to check whether other people have the same issue and maybe if there's an easy way to fix it. Also I'm sure @itmejp's word has more weight should he contact Revlo about this :slight_smile:

(Vukith) #2

I also saw this when I linked my twitch as well

(Kol_Saresk) #3

What is revlo? character fulfilment

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(FurryElephant) #5

I have the same issue. I've tried it a few times and logging in and out, but nothing happens. Not sure what else to do so I'll just wait if someone comes up with an answer.

(boeiee) #6

It is a known issue for Revlo, They are working/trying to fix it

(Kol_Saresk) #8

Okay, so it's like a reward system for watching live then?

(TheDesec) #9

Does revlo reward :itmejpoversalt: for watching VODs? Or only live?

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I think only live, which is kind of a bummer for timezone reasons :confused: But I guess it would be too easy to game the system if VODs were also included.

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And the equivalent of a month sub is 2000 salt, right? Since it says 500 salt per week subbed?

800 (100+100 per week) being for free by following youtube and twitter.

So 1200 salt per month to work for, at 1 salt per 5 minutes = 12 salt/hour. In other words: 100 hours watched/idled per month or 25 hours per week to achieve freeloader.

Let's do more math!

CoS+Blades+NJ = 12+ hours per week of RollPlay Shows
Dropped Frames = ~2 hours-ish per week
12 hour stream every thursday
+Normal streams

All according to plan of course. Seems doable (depending on timezones 'n stuff).

Misunderstanding detected. You get salt for being subbed, not spend salt to sub. Silly me.
Now I don't understand what Revlo is for.


We will look into possibilities to connect Revlo with this community site. No promises on this of course.

(boeiee) #13

You collect the salt and you can spend the salt on rewards here > . But its basicly just another way to get people to afk in your channel to boost your viewer count:P

(It's Alive, It's Alive, IT'S ALIVE!!!!) #14

We are all bots anyway :stuck_out_tongue: Beep Boop

(TheDesec) #15

Yeah I know that much. I thought it was a way to turn ads viewed (even with no ads for prime/turbo users as they count as an ad regardless) and/or time spent into points that in turn allow you to sub. As I said, I misunderstood Revlo. I thought it was awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got revlo points on a bunch of channels (over 50)... didn't see a single reward that was worth to me to return to revlo to claim it (most channels use it for giveaways, in which I close to never participate). Even considered disconnecting it from twitch again, but then I just closed the tab instead and watched "The Expanse" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(boeiee) #16

yeah i agree with you there, none of the rewards i've seen on other channels have been worth worrying about. JP's rewards are cool though if i ever reach that much.

(TrapDorSpida) #17

I'm just here so if the revlo thing gets fixed I'll see it. I have hundreds of hours logged into itmejp twitch. Would be fucking awesome to get a poster or shirt or something from it. Also, bummer that watching vods doesn't work. That's where most of my time is :frowning:

(mq98) #18

Does re-subbing fix the issue cause i don't want to miss out on my points but also would rather not reset my monthly sub counter.

(Twitch: no742617000027) #19

The sub counter doesn't reset until you went 30 days without sub I think. Interestingly, this seems bugged for Prime subs, I still have a sub badge in @iNcontroLTV's channel for example although I haven't resubbed there in a while (more than 30 days).

(FurryElephant) #20

Just visited Revlo and it shows me as subbed now. So I guess the twitch link is working again.

(Devlind) #21

Can confirm that it works now with the twitch sub.