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Revlo shutting down

(Rubxcubedude) #1

so i got an email informing me that revlo is going to stop operating in 3 weeks. im sure this annoys @itmeJP as he had just started using it. are there any similar sites out there? did any of you ever get enough points to "cash in"

(Katsu_Kobashi) #3

I used my points to cash in for the jinx gift card, but the promotional code doesn't seem to be redeemable. I am kind of unsure who to contact about this.

(Twitch: NobelusTV) #4

Twitch also just put in beta their new built-in loyalty system did they not? Perhaps he could try that out when it's out.

(Possibly Batman) #5

@Crosseye_Jack has been talking about this with some of the mod team. Revlo will be providing a lot of access to their system so we can save the salt that has been earned. It will be something he is working on so we can have our own system in the future.

We'll try to keep everyone updated as the last days of Revlo come closer and we have a solution. But the goal will be to not have all our mining be in vain! Fear not :smiley:

(Bgriffs) #6

Cohh has a pretty intense in house system. I'm not sure how well anything would be able to port out for others to use.

StreamElements seems to be the up and comer right now as well as the beta testing of the new Twitch system (I think it uses Streamlabs?)