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Recap Video idea discussion

So Hi everyone so in todays Patreon Q&A I asked the question about making a recap video thats anywhere between 5-10 minutes with voice over and images of specific moments possible. I brought this up because I have recently watch “The story of Vox Machina” video on youtube and I was thinking it might be a good idea to do that to recap the 50+ episodes of CoS. So im wondering what would you like to see something like this done?


I think anything over 5 minutes would be pushing it. Preferably you’d want something that you could cram into an intro roll or ad-break for production’s sake. I’d say 3 minutes would be a better target.

Otherwise, you’d just need a well-written summary of events, sticking to key events and story beats (trim the fat off at anything that isn’t essential to understanding what’s going on in the current arc). Important characters and significant items or locations sandwiched into 30-60 second arc bites for the full video. No “interesting tangents” that don’t explicitly service the summary.

I think it would be even better to go harder on stylistic minimalism by just creating some sort of opening scroll, à la Star Wars, with CoS music running in the background. Hell, that could even be super-modular production-wise if someone just dedicated 10 minutes of their time per week writing up a summary of the last episode in this style and updating the opening crawl with a quick paste-over in the video editor text block. It could play at the front-end of every episode for low effort.


Adam did a recap for Nebula Jazz that was good, I’d like something like that, it’d have to be longer based on the fact it is 50 episodes

Totally agree with VyRe40.

Just forget about having clips of the show or sound bites, it would just make the recap unnecessarily long and cluttered, besides being time consuming to find the exact clip to illustrate the important moments of the show. I could see some artwork in the background as reference for the text summarizing the events of the show, so that people can imagine the look of some things more clearly without needing an actual verbal or word description.

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Recapping the whole show is daunting; just trying to convert my tribute song lyrics into full paragraphs has me uncertain at sequence and detail (how did Thuy end up with the kobolds again? Was Samnong there too? When exactly did Hazan pop up?). And going beyond raw information to convey references like “I look up” or “no consent” is a bit awkward and takes more time. Not impossible but definitely better as a collaborative effort. Here’s my quick start:


In the riverlands of the Court of Swords, a trio of magistrates were searching for another magistrate who went missing. These three were Zephyra the air genasi barbarian, Velimir the fire genasi rogue, and Baern the hill dwarf cleric. They discovered that an undead horde had wiped out several villages, and after nearly being killed themselves they withdrew along with the surviving children Thuy and Samnong. Arriving at the town of Sự Phồn Thịnh, they briefly met the mysterious Hazan and learned that the local Page was suffering an unknown illness. Following a kobold raid, the magistrates felt forced to leave the children behind in the creatures’ clutches. Back in town, they witnessed an undead shadow rising from the Page’s dying body. In the end, all three were taken by the darkness spreading across the riverlands…

(rough outline for rest)

Janus, Ramus, Gideon, Wester
Xulin Valley, monk tomb, Coins guards, Wester dies
Móng Vuốt, Kukrit, Berg, Janus dies
Zawaz Wazaz dies
Azure Vortex, the orb
Persnidgetron Torbisher, forest gnomes, Stone King
Constructs and elf scout
Kenku battle and elder, visions, journey underground
Many battles, Ramus and Gideon die

Tianshi at Bái Yá Monastery: Azriel, Volnach, and Raziel
Bandit encounters, demon encounters, meet Berg and Persnidgetron
More underground battles, Stone King slain
Volnach, Raziel, and Azure Vortex die

Azriel and Berg meet Jubilant Black Gale, then Grasping Hands
Drug den and Dino Crisis, strange elf crystal
Nak’Ana Ino, lost Chuckles, snake god
After the orb again, Azriel and Gale die

Berg goes with Hazan, City of Brass with risen Ramus and Enoch
House of Falcon, retainers killed, meet Živa, mimic and vampire lord encounters, Enoch dies, fallen Azriel?

Salihafa and Kalimat arrive, Immortals, bounty hunters, Inanna’s quest

I hardly have a voice for it, or i might give it a go. I would love to see these though. If its popular, can do the old ones aswell, i always wanted to rewatch certain missions from Swan Song, would be much easier with recaps to find those.

The Swan Song Wiki has all the arcs listed with crazy detail.

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