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Recap of Weeks 1 through 47

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Below is a recap I put together many months ago, when I had more time on my hands, of the first 47 episodes of Court of Swords. I found it the other day and I meant to finish it for all episodes but that’s probably not going to happen so I thought I’d go ahead and post it as is. If for some reason summaries of episodes are not allowed on here any of the mods feel free to delete this post, just thought it might be helpful for newer fans that want to know the history a little. These are pretty broad strokes and if anybody wants to add details that I missed or events that I didn’t think were important or summaries of newer episodes, feel free to add them in the comments. I’m not tagging any of this as spoilers since its all spoilers. With that all said here we go.

Spoilers for Episodes 1 - 47 below.

Prologue: The Rise of the Necromancer King Weeks 1–8.
Three Magistrates (Zephyra Awen, Velimir Cetrovic, and Baern Hillstern) were sent from the Court of Swords to investigate a fishing village where weird things are occurring. They find the town filled with the undead and find two alive children (Thuy and her brother). Instead of investigating further they take the two children and flee to a nearby town. Thuy proves herself capable in a fight. Thuy and her brother get kidnapped in the night by the Kobolds of the mountain. The magistrate along with a town guard (Sorrowful Plum) go to rescue the children. After finding the cave the guard is killed by a trap and the Magistrates flee back to the town leaving the children to their fate. Upon arriving back in town they learn of the sickness of the Page of this town. The Page dies and a shade emerges from its body, the shade wreaks havoc on the town creating more of himself and killing Baern and turning him into a shade as well. Baern’s shade proceeds to kill Zephyra and Velimir when the Magistrates return to investigate Baern’s body.

Chapter 1 Agents of Kukrit Weeks 9-13
Four Criminals (Gideon, Ramus, Janus, and Wester) are tasked by a man named Kukrit to investigate a location in the Xulin Valley (disputed territory between the Court of Swords and the Court of Cups). Upon investigating the tomb they find evidence that the tomb belonged to a Court of Coins Monk (Thousand Unanswered Questions). When they exit the tomb they fight a group of guards of the Court of Coins and Wester is killed in the encounter. The criminals return to Kukrit with their discovery and are given a new team member (Berg) and then told to go and get the slave bracer off of Wester’s body. They track his body to a village of the Court of Coins and attack the guards with the body. Janus is killed in the process.

Chapter 2 The Legend of Persnidgetron Weeks 14-22
The three surviving criminals (Gideon, Ramus, Berg) return to Kukrit with the bracers and are given another task. They are to go with a Wizard (Zawaz Wazaz) into the marsh and find a mysterious magical orb. Zawaz is given a ring that can affect the criminals in a way comparable to how Kukrit’s staff can hurt them. Zawaz is killed by Kobolds almost immediately and Gideon takes the ring from his body. Upon putting on the ring he is shocked and his bracer detaches from his arm. They reach a hut in the marsh and encounter several Bullywugs carrying an unconscious woman. The group defeats the bullywugs with the help of a forest gnome (Persnidgetron) that emerges from the woods. They find the orb and speak to the woman (Azure Vortex) and find out she is studying the orb to find out its purpose.
Persnidgetron tells the group of the plight of his people and their destruction in the war with the Rock Gnomes and his quest to kill the Rock Gnome King. Instead of returning to Kukrit the three plus Azure go with Persnidgetron to help him against the Rock Gnome King. A clan of Kenkus show them a secret way underground into the Rock Gnome lair and they descend into the caves. They encounter many corrupted Rock Gnomes with mechanical mogwais. The group gets overwhelmed in the cave by Rock Gnomes, Gideon is killed and Berg is downed in combat. Ramus dies dragging Berg’s body to safety as Persnidgetron finishes killing the Rock Gnomes. Berg and Azure Vortex bond with one another during this trying time.
Persnidgetron, Berg, and Azure meet three angels (Raziel, Azriel, Volnach) as they continue searching for the Rock Gnome King. The angels were down here looking for the source of the corruption of the Rock Gnome King so they team up with the others. They find the Rock Gnome King’s chambers and proceed to fight him, his manticore, and his guards. Raziel and Volnach die fighting the Manticore and Azure Vortex rushes the Rock Gnome King and is cut in half. Her body along with the Orb fall into the waters below. The Rock Gnome King dies to Azriel’s Javelin and he, Persnidgetron, and Berg loot his chambers. They find large quantities of gold which Persnidgetron is given a lot of to help restart the Kingdom of the Forest Gnomes. They also find a magical hammer called the Apology of Emperor Fei and a magical elephant statue later named Chuckles.

Chapter 3 Deals with The Devil Weeks 23-35
Berg and Azriel head towards the capitol of the Court of Coins to figure out what they will do next. In the city a Kenku (Jubilant Black Gale) from the Kenku clan they met earlier catches up to them and offers to help them on their journey. Through a series of misfortunes they become indebted to a local crime boss named Grasping Hands. They investigate a drug ring in the swamps for him and discover the Red Banner Company working with Lizardfolk in the area harvesting drugs from underneath an ancient ziggurat. Upon leaving the caves Berg, Azriel, and Jubilant find a mysterious chamber with a mysterious humming sound and an eight foot long crystalline prism that’s floating and rotating in the center of the room. A humanoid shape is inside of the prism (Most likely Tulpa). The group feels relaxed waiting near it and are relieved of any exhaustion they had. After much deliberation they each touch the prism and receive a “gift”. Azriel touches it first, crits his wisdom save (22,6), sees a vision, the player is allowed to select any first level wizard spell and add it to their paladin spell list, Azriel can now summon a familiar. Jubilant touches it second, rolls his wisdom save (21,11), sees a vision, the player selects an uncommon magical item to be incorporated into themselves (Broom of Flying), Jubilant can now fly. Berg touches it last, rolls his wisdom save (15,10), sees a vision, no player choice, Berg can now deal an extra d4 of necrotic damage and absorb it as hit points when he is raging. If he kills something with this ability there will be side effects.
The three return to Grasping Hands and meet his acquaintance a Yuan Ti (Nak’ana Ino) and are tasked with helping her investigate an area. After a lengthy search, fighting a military village of the Red Banner, losing Chuckles, and Nak’ana Ino dying and being revived by a slumbering draconic entity they find the ancient temple Nak’ana Ino was looking for. They enter the temple and kill the corrupted monstrosity that is siphoning power from the sleeping draconic entity. Berg, Azriel, and Jubilant leave and return to the capitol of the Court of Coins. Nak’ana Ino takes her spot in the temple and begins waking up the slumbering draconic entity. When the three return to town among other things they find Bounty Hunters looking for Berg. They strike up a deal that they will go back to the Rock Gnome lair and retrieve the orb. They retrieve the orb and fight several ghosts, and find a chained brass dragon and attempt to help it. When they get close enough the dragon reveals itself to be mostly mechanical and kills Jubilant and Azriel. Berg runs, sneaks past the bounty hunters that setup a trap outside the lair and chose to join Hassan and become a servant of the Tower.

Chapter 4 Servants of the Tower Weeks 36-47
Many years have passed, Ramus has been resurrected to serve the Tower and a noble (Enoch) has joined to help Berg serve the Tower. They are tasked with destroying the taint that exists at the House of the Falcon. On the grounds, they meet a Halfling (Ziva Tarkas) intent on robbing the house. She agrees to help the servants of the Tower if they help her. The four of them attempt to kill a Were creature on the grounds but it escapes them so they enter the house. Inside the house they find out the master of the house is a vampire and it turns Ziva. Ziva now plans to kill the master vampire and take his mantle so she does not have to serve him. The four of them confront the master of the house and kill him, but not before Enoch dies by his hand. Ramus and Berg return to the inn they have been staying in unsure of what to do now that the Tower has told them they’ve done well and it’s time to take a break.

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This is great! Thank you for putting in the effort!