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Real Talk on Dropped Frames feedback

Dropped Frames as we have gotten to know it is about Twitch and gaming. That is the core of what the show is about. Real Talk is an interesting segment that in today’s episode (3/29/2017), sorry don’t remember the episode number, that I felt went on for too long today and detracted from the show as we have known it.

I don’t think that Real Talk should have a set amount of time like the first half of the show. I feel it should be a more fluid segment that doesn’t take over the show. Now there are some weeks where gaming content may be very lean and that wont affect the show very much. My concern is that there are weeks where there might be a ton of gaming content that would be passed on in favor of the Real Talk segment thereby putting what I feel is the core of the show on the back burner.

I know that today was kind of a test it out kind of thing and that gaming content or Twitch stuff may have been lean, but also showed how it could take over most of the show. On the other hand I have also seen where there are shows where you have really had to stretch shit out to fill in the time. The segment in those weeks can come in handy and why I think Real Talk not having a set time frame would work best to fill in the lean weeks or during the busy weeks not even be part of the show.

I think it would work really well as a new show as well. Saying that I enjoyed the long chat about it and I’d even be happy if the show was longer because of it.

One thing I would like to see though I could see why it might not work is Jericho becoming a perm member of the show. If he could be the 4th with the guest making 5 it would really be an interesting dynamic to the conversation.

I like the thinking but might not need to be EVERY episode and maybe try to have a “theme” of the real talk. Like have special guest invited to discuss the theme. If I remember correctly you had a Dropped Frames with focus on depression and streaming.

But that’s just my 5 cents.

i personally really liked the segment and didn’t mind the lenght of it. I love to see this as a segment every 3-4 months or so.
I think this real talk actually lets us know more about twitch, the live of a streamer and some more stuff we normally do not get to hear.

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For me it also didn’t feel too different to the regular ‘talk shop’ segments. Everyone usually seems happy to throw in pretty personal stories when they cover streaming news when it comes up. Maybe this was just a bit more concentrated but it was still familiar content - the bigger difference seemed to be having Jericho and Ello interact as opposed to the 3 regulars and Jericho or Ello.

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