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Reading TwilightBorealis' Super-Fast Recap of CoS First 100 Episodes


(MinorEpiphany) #1

Reading Reading TwilightBorealis’ Super-Fast Recap of CoS First 100 Episodes I’ve gotten a lot of hours of hours of entertainment from Rollplay over the years, figured seeing as how I’m trying to put more stuff into the world I should do something here and all I’ve really got is a voice sooooo here it is, it’s not perfect by any means but I’ve been told I sound nice by some. Love and credit to TwilightBorealis for obvious reasons (I only changed a few words) and Edokdyshi for providing a motivation.

(MinorEpiphany) #2

Oops, meant to switch where I was posting it… o well.

(Dementepingu) #3

good stuff, so much has happened!

(TwilightBorealis) #4

You did a tremendous job! I love your delivery.

(MinorEpiphany) #5

Thanks! I was super worried.