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Questions on Aurora and Sparky

(Cheshired) #1

I have certain Nebula Jazz fan-project ongoing and could use some filling in on details that I might have missed out on. I could really use a bit of help since joint cerebral super-cortex of viewership is always better than my singular puny grey blob.

Was it ever mentioned anywhere what race of a dog is Sparky resembling? Either in battle or normal mode?
Was there any mentions of Auroras clothes? I'm certain of accessories like goggles and pipboy-like forearm computer but never caught anything on clothes.


(Drumurboy) #2

Think she had a thriller jacket? Red leather with spiked shoulders

(Guyper) #3

Aurora is wearing a thriller jacket she took from some guys they beat up in episode 1 or 2. It has spikes on it.
She has pigtails
Has a pip boy/Leela's armband thing.

As for her other clothes other than the jacket, I dunno. I think there was something about a tanktop at some point. Or maybe that was in Balance of power.
Personally, I'm picturing her with tacky 80s sitcom clothes.

It was quickly thrown out that Sparky might be a large Aibo.

The nature of the show tends to make descriptions vague. Didn't know Quinn had a tail until a couple episodes in. Heck, Aurora's age was crazy vague until they landed on Buffet-4.

(Cheshired) #4

Thanks guys that's super helpful.

It's a valid point that show happens to be vague in descriptions in some places. It allows for a lot of freedom in interpretation and development of characters in field of visuals rather than just personality.

That said I kinda want to get certain things right first time around rather than knocking my head on the wall month after.