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Question about JPs Nioh playthrough

(ProxyClouds) #1

EU here so I can't see stuff live generally and watch most of the content in VOD form.

I saw JP write over Twitter that he was going to test stuff first in Nioh and then start a run on Tuesday. So to my question, do we know if he will start a new char and re-do areas and bosses or is he keeping the char he created on Monday stream?

Just so I know what VODs to look for.


(Might be Captain Marvel) #2

He might continue with the character. I am going by him saying he will check on something he just discovered tomorrow.

JP will play more of the game after CoS. I will update you with a definite answer then :slight_smile:

Edit: Might be a bit late with that update due to unforeseen circumstances

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Thanks that would be appreciated!

(Might be Captain Marvel) #4

He continued from where he left off and did not restart. So if you want to watch the very start this is the vod

Dota 2 gameplay before that

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Thanks you mister! :slight_smile: