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Q&A's on new site feels clutterd?

Hey, so we have been on this community site for some time now and I’m generally enjoying the site BUT the Q&A’s from the shows I find very cluttered and hard to read through. There are a lot of questions and some have been answered and some not. I can’t really say 100% what makes me feel like the Q&A’s are this way but when I was reading them on the subreddit it was easier to get an overview and you could much easier look through them and see where the GM had answered the questions.

Maybe I’m the only one that feel like this or maybe this is something that people also feel and could help me explain why it feels like this.

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I think what it comes down to the most is people don’t think in forumterms. Even though there is at least part of a treestructure in the background (see this Thread), if there is a direct reply to something people (admittedly including me) need to get trained again to use some sort of quote, because even though it is there I still miss the “Replied-to” Icon in the top right of the post half the time. One possible solution would be to automatically quote the post (excluding any existing quotes), but yeah.

That being said, on a cursory glance John seems to do a good job up to reducing the clutter slightly by putting several answers (to different people) in one post.

I’ve lowered the amount of replies before a topic is summarized. “Summarize this topic” will make give you the most liked, replied and active posts in a tree structure.

The current number for a summarize this topic is now 25.

The issue with other topics have been that people go off topic as if it’s reddit, even of that’s against the reddit guidelines, I’ve tried to split off topics into new ones when that happens. If people want to discuss something off topic use the little link icon in the post and click “new topic” this will continue the post into a new topic allowing more people to be part of the discussion.

Edit: Think of it as creating a new tree structure when you click “new topic” from a post. Is it extra work? Yes. Does it allow for more discussion? Yes. We want more topics, posts and engagement so don’t worry if you feel you’re filling up the categories since that’s what we want. Moderators can move, split and merge topics so don’t worry too much if a similar topic might already exist.