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PSA: When/if changing Twitch username at the moment

We are aware that there’s an issue when/if you at the moment change your Twitch username.

I’m here to say that @Crosseye_Jack is working on a fix for it.

You should still be able to read this even if you’re not logged in. So if this has happened to you do let us know on Twitter. You can either get at us @visiblespeech or @CrosseyeJack. While we can’t do individual cases (due to security risk, since we can’t confirm you’re the owner of the old/new account) we would still like to know how’s effected so we reach out and check when we have a fix.

I will remove this topic once it’s resolved.


@TwitchSurgeon As a “temp” fix what will happen when you change your username on twitch is you will still log in with your old username But your “Name” will get changed to “Twitch: {New Twitch Username Here}” Like how my name is.


We need a discussion on how to handle username changes. Sure we can change your username here (and keep a record of your past usernames) but changing it will break any past quotes/pings :rage:

Idea’s on the back of a postcard to @Crosseye_Jack :smiley:

ATM no, but its something I need to work out before twitch end up releasing the usernames back into the pool.

ATM when you change your username Twitch create a new account with your old account and “block” it so it can’t be used by anyone else. But it is something I am aware could (will) be an issue down the road. We will 99.9% just change the username on next login but I want to look into trying to prevent breaking quotes/pings/replies when they get changed (and have a “also known as” in the usercard).

I am going to continue working on it over the next couple of days and prob push another update to it next week.

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Thanks guys! Finally I get give out likes again :blush: :+1:

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Not sure if it matters, But should regular users be able to see his twitch ID?

Why not? I like it that way, so people that I interact with have a chance of knowing who I am in Twitch chat during shows :>

Oh no i get ur name, But Twitch: no742617000027 is showing. Unless thats ur name ofcourse and i made a mistake:P

It is my name :smiley: Weird, @NoorElBahrain also thought that it was some kind of ID is Discord. I wonder why :yum:

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yeah lol I thought it was a Discord glitch