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PC lvl in overlay?

(ProxyClouds) #1

Might be a general question about Rollplay but I feel that this is only a problem in Court of Swords. Now that all the PC are on so different XP and lvls it would be nice to have that be a part of the overlay when showing the PC stats, race and such.

Just an idea! :slight_smile:


Working on it for the future dynamic overlays. It's just a better fit when the dynamic aspect is there to streamline the production.

(Moose2033) #3

what is the current ETA on the new overlays?


No ETA at the moment. We're still early on in the design phase.
The reason why it's not being implement right away into the regular overlays is due to live shows, one-shots and before that; Nebula Jazz. Upcoming shows take priority over something that will eventually be replaced completely. I hope that makes sense :itmejpfist:
The live shows take up a lot of time in animation, rendering and concept.

(wolf_brother7) #5

Something that could be quickly implemented to solve this issue without requiring a total redesign of the overlays is to simply list class level along side class. So instead of "Class: Barbarian" it would read "Class: Barbarian 4" or "Class: 4th level Barbarian" for Berg, etc. Very simple fix.

(banned) #6

Except people have come to expect a level of standard quality from Rollplay.

So a quick solution isn't much of a solution.