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Patron upper reward tiers gone?

I was planning on moving up to the $100 reward tier for the DM hangout with Adam this month, but it seems like that reward section (along with the fan game and character drawings) is gone now. Was there an announcement of the patreon restructuring? If not, am I the only one with this issue?


Today’s the first of the month and JP has to manually reset those rewards because of how Patreon works. It’s likely he just hasn’t done that yet.

I think I saw somewhere that all rewards that need renewal every month are gone, but can’t find the source. Maybe someone more competent can comment too.

Not sure whether that was for november only or forever.

He posted the same thing at the end of the last few months as well. I’m sure we’d hear more if it were forever.

If I remember right, the higher tiers are “limited availability” so in order to keep just the same people from getting it over and over again, it’s probably manually reset to give others a chance. The closeout is probably part of the “hey, there still sole slots for this month in this tier, grab 'em while you can.”