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Patreon starwars

(hobbex_84) #1

Hi, just became a Patreon for Rollplay, have loved the shows since the beginning with original rollplay sollum.. do you have plans to bring back Starwars in any form?

thanks for all the great shows

(banned) #4

I would doubt it, because they're about to start a new show set in space with the inklings of fantasy already in it. (Nebula Jazz).

That and they just finished a long run of it.

(hobbex_84) #5

yeah, noticed that.. and they use Jesse and Strippin from the SW darkside campaign so it would be hard to start another space rpg when two of the cast members already are on one. but i seem to remember them talking about it on a podcast or something, think it was a dropped frames.. but i may be wrong,. could have been the intro to a rollplay show.

(banned) #6

You're fogetting Pokket too.