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Patreon Post-Shows as mp3?

(SiC42) #1

I recently upgraded to the 5$ tier and now enjoy Court of Swords as mp3 on the go and I’m able to listen to more Rollplay than ever before. That being said, I would quite enjoy a mp3 version of the post shows. Is there any way to get these?

(itmeJP) #2

It isn’t in the current workflow, but, I might be able to get them all in the future and start doing it.

Not a bad idea, though. Thank you for suggesting, just don’t expect anything for a couple weeks!

(Airfire) #3

Something that might be a better suggestion is adding it as an addition to the end of the Mp3. I typically listen to the actual shows on my drive to/from work, so I typically forget to watch the postshow as its an additional thing that I have to go and look for, but instead it could all be rolled into one? Just a thought :slight_smile: