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Patreon MP3 Site

Is there any chance there’s a revamp of the download site in the cards? Everything being one massive block listing, with no separation by shows, no upload info like date (so that we can see things like corrected MP3s as errors are reported and corrected), just makes it really hard to navigate. While it may not have been pretty, and I’m sure there were back-end problems that prompted the change, the previous iteration was so much nicer to navigate, especially when you want to go and grab the latest episodes of current shows etc.

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Will see what we can do. There is a lot of dev time going on behind the scenes at the moment, so I’m having to divvy it up on other projects first. But definitely will take this into consideration!


Am I the only one who gets Error 500’d when trying to access the mp3s today?

Edit: Working now!

I hope this question isn’t too off-topic for this thread - but is there still an FTP site available for Patreon backers to access the mp3 content? I’ve seen some references to it in older threads, but haven’t found a host-name or login credentials for it.

Thanks all! once you hit that it will pull your Patreon credentials and if you are a high enough pledge give you access.

Thanks for the response!

I’ve found the Patreon-linked portion of the website that has download links for individual mp3 files; however I was more curious if there is still an FTP site, for which you can use an external client for downloading files? I’ve found references to an FTP site on other threads within the community site, but haven’t found the connection information for it. Maybe the FTP site has been taken down? Just curious!

I know multiple people had asked for it but I don’t recall them coming up with a solution, I could be wrong though.

As a semi related topic, was there ever any progress made on Patreon only podcast feeds? I would totally resub if I could get the episodes automatically downloaded onto my phone.

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Sorry for the necromancy but I grew tired of waiting: A makeover for