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Patreon MP3 Cut off

Hey, just wanted to let y’all know that the MP3s for Mask 1 and Nebula Jazz 2 cut off short of the full episode. Not sure by how much.

Guess I should tag @itmeJP, @AdamKoebel, @NoorElBahrain, and @TwitchSurgeon? Not sure who all needs to be informed really.

I think the fastest way to get everyone’s attention for important things are @staff or @admins
In this case it’s @Crosseye_Jack that might need to know or of course JP. This should be looked into ASAP.

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Gotcha, I’ll keep that in mind if I hit any other problems.

Just to help pinpoint the problems(if the problem isn’t on my end), Mask Ep 2 cuts off around 3 hrs and 6 min, and Nebula Jazz Ep 2 cuts off around 2 hrs and 20 min.

I won’t lie, at first I thought it was a bad download because that’s happened before, but usually then I can just stream the whole thing until I can redownload it. But the streams are mirroring the cutoff so that’s why I wanted to say something.

Yeah for sure. It’s a strange issue so if anyone else experience the same thing let us know and hopefully it will get resolved quickly.

Hmmm. The files somehow got messed up during the upload. I’ll be able to reupload the Nebula Jazz right now (it’ll take some time to cache) but I won’t be able to get the Masks one until a day or two from now.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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Hey @itmeJP

Not trying to be a pain, just trying to make sure you are aware in case you have tried to fix it already.

Nebula Jazz is still short. File size is 168mb while the link says it should be 280mb.

IIRC it takes 12 to 24 hours for the cache to update (from when I messed up the magazine PDF). If anyone know how to do a manual refresh of the cache let us know.

Thanks for the reply @TwitchSurgeon. Will check a little later.

Just wanted to say to @itmeJP that the mp3s are a godsend for me. Being in Aus all role play shows are in the middle of work time.

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I believe it is still caching?

First, and because I’ve been rude not to do it earlier, I’d like to thank @itmeJP and the rest of the @staff for addressing this problem. I believe it was saturday, I saw both episodes had finished caching and was able to download the completed episodes. So again, thank y’all for your work, especially since last week was a pre-con week with Pax being this past weekend.

Unfortunately, I must also be the bearer of bad news. Episode 6 of Court of Swords cuts of early at the 3 hour, 40 minute mark. I don’t know if that’s only a few minutes or ten minutes since the average run time for the early CoS episodes were around the 3 hour, 45 minute mark, but I just wanted to let y’all know.

Again, thank for all of y’all’s hard work in addressing these issues.


Hey @itmeJP and @staff, it’s me again! I believe the audio for West Marches Episode 4 is jumbled up. It begins at the start of hour 3 I think, when they’re all in the cave and Juliette wants to leave.

Just wanted to keep y’all informed.

Again, thanks for all of your hardwork in pretty much everything from Rollplay in general to the community to the patreon, everything. It’s a really great experience and I’m thankful that it’s here to help open the minds of people like me who grew up in a very narrow corner of the world. Don’t know if that gets said enough.

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Hey @itmeJP and @staff, sorry to bug y’all again, especially when everything is so busy. Just wanted to let y’all know that episode 25 of the West Marches seems to only be three hours long, and starting late in the episode.

Not trying to put pressure, just giving a heads up. Thanks for fixing all of the previous problems as well as just providing the service to begin with.

Sorry for the delay.

The MP3 for West Marches - Episode 25 is indeed messed up, there is approx 15 mins missing (according to the VOD duration minus the “stream tarting soon” time, - ) and the mp3 is out of order.

I don’t have direct upload access to the system (never asked JP for it as I’ve only needed read access until now) otherwise I would I would fix it myself.

JP isn’t online atm, But I’ll send him a message letting him know, he will either upload a fixed version or I’ll ask for write access and I’ll edit an mp3 from the VOD and reupload it.

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And just to be a reminder since you didn’t mention it, Episode 4 of the West Marches should also have a similar problem.

I honestly swear I don’t want to be pushy lol.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

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Just sent JP a message saying there is a few and I’ll fix them if he wants (I will have to get write access from him if he does). But I’ve sent him a link to this thread so he can see which ones are effected if he wanted to handle them himself :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

EDIT: No worries. about being pushy, Sorry I’ve been out of action for a month, I was running on a potato and it was painful to open multiple tabs let alone think about editing mp3’s (/me hugs his working machine - lets never fight again) :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for having patience to get these things resolved :slight_smile:

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West Marches Week 4 and Week 25. Now of any more off the top of your head that are messed up?

Not that I’m aware of. But if any pop up, I’ll be sure to let you know. Maybe we should pin this topic so if others have problems, they can post too without making new topics?

I might make a clean topic for it. We will see. Right just exporting the 2nd file, Then I’ll upload them to the system and flush the cache on those files just to make sure :slight_smile: I’ll report back when I’m done and you can test em for me Muhahhahaa, Roped you in without you noticing. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Just as a follow up. My access aint working :stuck_out_tongue: I think I might of missed something out in my instrutions to JP (He did the access when I was asleep, Times zones are fun :-P). Do the cuts ready. Just need to go though the instructions I gave JP on my own account and see what I missed.

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Hey Crosseye. I was just wondering if there had been any progress?