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Patreon link to feedback forum

Hey @rollplay, just mentioning that I find it difficult to know where to post feedback regarding the the patreon itself. There could be a link in the overview on the main patreon page that directs you to itmejp forums, but directly to the post itself. Hey, maybe even do that next to every post session video. As of now at time of writing I dont even see a mention of the ITMEJP site.

In general its a difficulty to navigate through every website that requires accounts, like holy shit! If i want access to raise feedback, watch vods on youtube, have a patreon, and watch live i gotta have atleast 3 accounts! Its crazy annoying to me… I am aware of you having added a patreon only forum suggestion to your bucket list, but possibly having to go to searching on every single website to find where I need/want to go is a major pain.

If this is due to the patreon website itself, the sad fact of twitch & sub .vs youtube, and/or plain order of important work overload, I cannot tell as an observer. However, much preferred to have ALL of the information on the patreon. Many thanks!

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