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Part 1 of episode 1 of Blades

(ryanthehateful) #1

Sorry to make a new topic, I don't want to spoil myself by going in the other thread.

I just want to say: wow, such a strong start. If this is a demonstration of the quality to come, I'm very excited.

Love all the characters and John's ability to give that kind of narrative framing to a player is super interesting to me. I'm super hyped right now. Such a strong cast. This might be a worthy replacement for mirrorshades (my favorite)

(Twitch: baron_netic) #2

As another YT-watcher, i'm with you. Don't know how popular this would be, but lets try :slight_smile:

I am so hyped up after this start. I was impressed after episode 0, but this took i to a whole new lvl.
The characters are amazing. Geoff is so fucking creepy it hurts. But Zele takes it home wityh the voice acting. That shit is spot on.

Cant wait for more.

(ryanthehateful) #3

Do you mean you want to do this for every part? Or what xD

Called YouTube plebs xD

(ryanthehateful) #4

Because I don't have anything to say other than the dice rolling background art looks great about part 2. The system seems interesting

(Twitch: baron_netic) #5

i dont think there will be enough interest in it. And that is one of the things about YT, it is not part of the live community. Therefore we cant be part of the Q&A while it is "live".

(Might be Captain Marvel) #6

If your question was not answered in the Q&A, I am sure you can tag the DMs in your newer post.


Yea a spoiler free topic about each show with YouTube videos posted would be great. And as @NoorElBahrain said if you have questions, but don't want to go through the Q&A, use the @AdamKoebel or @OneSevenDesign to direct your questions their way.