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[P02 Q&A] Necrokings and Devilbabies


(AdamKoebel) #1

thanks for coming everyone!

(Possibly Batman) #2

Wow! That was fantastic! Clutch rolls and plays all around. Thanks for an awesome 2 shot with amazing moments :itmejpheart:

(NicVspz) #3

The amount of strategy from the team in that final fight was truly amazing to watch. One of the best fights yet :itmejp10:

(Dementepingu) #4

Could the Cultist's Scimitar have been used to destroy the Magic circle?

(Twitch: d1stract10n) #5

was there loot from the demon fight? even if you do not want to say what it actually is.

(Ty_martinez) #6

Man this was a really good way to put a capper on Court of swords until september. So Adam if we were to ever return to these characters back in the court of swords what do you think will be the effect of killing a mara on the mortal plane?

(iwaslikeweeeee) #7

First time able to catch a live show and it was AWESOME!

What website, or resource do you use to get your tarot card readings / information?

If it is in a zine I have only read the first one and didn't see it there.

Thanks for giving us such a great show and letting us join your roller coaster of a campaign

(sythmaster) #8

Awesome two-shot, got to use most of your prep even! Discussing and/or describing immunities/resistances/advantages/disadvantages narratively always seems to be a bit of an issue.

Especially D&D-eseque games, sometimes its hard to tell whats being described "for color" and what its trying to be conveyed as "meaningful fight feedback". Definitely like how its only really revealed after the players try it though!

Lastly, ENJOY YOUR VACATION!!! Hopefully awesome whisky, ramen, soba, and the rest will be consumed! :slight_smile:

(profnesbitt) #9

Great show Adam. So adam what were all the effects of the magic circle? Also I noticed in this and the last episode the undead all had advantage on their saving throws is that an affect of the necromancer king?

(Possibly Batman) #10

I tried to whisper it to you a couple of times but the link is here

(iwaslikeweeeee) #11

you are simply the best

(Dementepingu) #12

Yeh I wasn't sure whether the Mara was immune to stun because he was in circle or because he was just straight up immune.

(notNOTjack) #13

Damn, this two shot was great. I truly hope we can see these characters again, later, in another parallel story or, if that is not possible, as NPCs when Berg and Co., or whoever is alive at that time, return to the Court of Swords.

Imagine the main party returning to the Court of Swords to deal with the still spreading corruption of the Necromancer King and find an older, wiser, but commanding Luther in a higher ranking position with his trusty Map at his side, scarred but confident. Don't know what Anne would imagine Daxa's arch would be after this, probably she would have left the army at this point, as she was forced to join the fighting and all that, or maybe the success in battle and the bonding with the other survivors changes her mind and we do find her still with Luther. And Dim, gosh darn it Dim, has your memory caught up with you and you finally erased yourself from the plain of existence? Maybe a Grand Wizard of the Court? Too unpredictable to know.

(AngelCorp) #14

I really liked this break from Court of Swords. I really like the show, and every week I really like the show. Having a break is nice though. Guests in and of themselves don't really feel like a break so much as a short arc or change of direction. Making entirely new characters and shifting to something completely different, while still being in a universe that I care about and am invested in and interested in is nice every once in a while. So thanks for doing this. I enjoyed it. I really like longer campaigns but getting to have a small break this way sometimes is great.

(profnesbitt) #15

Yea I really loved how this worked out and I hope they did too. I'd love it if they did this more in the future when one or two of the regular cast members couldn't make it just, do a one or two shot.

(AdamKoebel) #16

The bigger the world of the Court of Swords gets, the more easily we can do one or two (or six or eight or whatever) shots set therein.

(AdamKoebel) #17

I would absolutely love to see more from these folks - know that they're around and that this story will, in some way small-or-large (it remains to be seen) have an impact on the greater narrative.

(AdamKoebel) #18

it was that hot hot circle

(AdamKoebel) #19

the effects of localized desecration!

(AdamKoebel) #20

as far as readings go, i have a pretty standard understanding of the various cards, drawn from the usual interpretations of the tarot. then, like any good seer, i mix and match with the needs of the moment and the narrative at large.