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[One-Shot Stats] Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown: Roll statistics:

Average Roll Results:

Roll Result Distribution

Per character, every bar represents the number of rolls with a 6- result, a 7-9 result and a 10+ result

Average Roll Score

(0 points for 6- rolls, 1 point for 7-9 rolls and 2 points for 10+ rolls)

  • The roll stats for this show were relatively average across the board

  • Only Robyn rolled way above average with an average roll score of 1.67

  • Silje rolled slightly below average with an average score of 0.89

  • With her 4 failed rolls, she also rolled as many failures as all other players combined

  • She also got the lowest roll result with a 4

  • Erika landed on an absolutely average 1.0 roll score

  • But she had the highest roll result with a 15

  • With 12 total rolls, Adela rolled more than any other player

  • Half of these rolls were full successes

  • 4 of the 8 total rolled failures were rolled in the last hour of the show