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[ONE SHOT] RollPlay: Pride of Vanderhorn - Post Show Thread?

(TheDesec) #21

I've been toying around with this map maker:

Not quite as customizable and flexible as handmade (photoshop) maps, but quite decent and quick.


(Madkipz) #24

I loved this oneshot, and really felt the chemistry. It was amazing. Really makes the patreon and twitch sub worth it. I love how Neil manages to struggle through the plot with his hands tied behind his back as the entire crew of interesting personalities and 8 Int all across the board tries very hard not to die laughing on screen.

I would love a post show, or a second Vanderhorn oneshot.

(retlawthebest) #25

Was really great to see the old cast together again. I would really like to see more of them together even if it was only a Roll play live once a year.

(Uracil0) #26

"For the Vanderhorns"
What a great show. The antics of the cast in contrast to Neal trying to keep it straight always made this crew so much fun to watch. Also Geoff is just so much fun in a non serious game. I hope we can watch something similar again sometime.