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[ONE SHOT Q&A] The Wicked Thimble!


(Twitch: Dexbonus) #1

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for watching my second One Shot! It was a blast and just as silly as I imagined!

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(Aureylian) #2

Great job, Dodger! It was, as always, really fun to be involved in a project you're leading :itmejpcute:

(BorisIgnatievich) #3

That was fun.

I feel like the biggest question I have: are the arm movements necessary for your Oliver accent :itmejplol: That scene might be my favourite thing in rollplay (although karaoke is still challenging it!)

(Twitch: Dexbonus) #4

HAHAHA for some reason it helps??? Maybe it's a defense mechanism since I know in my heart that so many British viewers are dying inside

(Twitch: Dexbonus) #5

Thank you beautiful! <3 you were lovely :smiley:

(woody5600) #6

:itmejpgmright:This was the single best one shot we have had on Rollplay. You nailed the tone, established expectations, and elided the junk like traveling from place to place. You have done in two sessions what a ton of Game Masters try to do in years. Huge props to your players and your teacher as well. This has just been an awesome time. Please just continuously pester JP into doing a regular show if that is something you would care to do. I would watch it 100%. :itmejpgmleft::itmejpgmlol:

(Twitch: Dexbonus) #7

WOW thank you so so much! I'm grinning from ear to ear haha! I had a LOT of fun and I'm so glad my group was willing to be really silly with me

(d098s) #8

My face hurts so much. That was incredible. Both your one shots have been. The grumpus is one of my favorite things I've ever seen on a show.

(Twitch: Dexbonus) #9

The fact that he just insta-died almost made it better LOL I'm so glad you enjoyed!

(BorisIgnatievich) #10

The magic missile was hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

I loved how the cast ran with it and went to instantly horrified in character as well.

Great work all round :+1:

(Stewbedale) #11

This was fantastic dude! Don't have any questions but just wanted to say thanks and awesome job on the DMing Doogs, all the NPC character acting was so well done too! And great job to everyone for keeping it entertaining and hilarious throughout! Can't wait till the next one :itmejp10:

(Twitch: Dexbonus) #12

thanks! It was SO much fun having npcs to play since my last one-shot didn't have any haha!

(flyingsciurus) #13

Man, that was an incredibly fun show! We need more Dodger GM-ing a game. She is doing a fantastic job keeping things focused without sacrificing the entertaining PC chaos. Jesse seems to have mastered using Fate-styled compels in real life. Also the Cockney-off may have been one of the funniest things I've ever seen in tabletop streaming.

(Twitch: Dexbonus) #14

Thank you!! Maybe I'll think about doing a long form one in the future :smiley: I loved that Jesse created a "yes and" scenario with the cockney thing. It was a beautiful disaster LOL

(Satheus) #15

Fan-fucking-tastic show from all peeps! :itmejp10:
I really would love to see more of the Feast or Famine world! It's so intriguing. (Terrible?) Fashion to food, I do wonder what else you got there behind that little dm screen..
Can't wait to get to see the next one! Which obviously is gonna happen sometime in the future.

(Twitch: acggryphon) #16

Just wondering what other types of guilds you thought of besides the two

(Twitch: Dexbonus) #17

I'd love to do another one! So glad you liked it :smiley:

(Twitch: Dexbonus) #18

These are the only two I've fleshed out but I'd love to continue with this world in either another one shot or a long running show one day <3

(Twitch: casskay) #19

That was super fun. For Dodger, I think GMing gives an awesome chance to see the range of characters you can bring to life. I've always enjoyed you as a PC, so seeing multiple characters in one show is fun.

Have you ever read Tamora Pierce's Circle of Magic series? These one shots remind me a little of her main magic system, which is based on everyday crafts/work like thread magic, gardening magic, cooking magic, dancing magic, etc.

One rules comment, it seemed like you reduced the rules basically to 2d6 and didn't use moves, which also meant people didn't use their modifiers when they should and Holly didn't roll for spells when she should, etc. I'm a fan of streamlining in the moment to keep things going, and especially when you're still learning a system.

I wonder though, now that you've GM'd a few times, if you might try a system like Fate Accelerated that you're already familiar with from Nebula Jazz? It seems like that system would fit you GMing style well and you'd be more familiar with the rules.

Overall, it was great to see you confidence boost from the first One Shot. I hope we get to see you GM more in the future!

Also--all of the PCs did a great job RPing. I want to give a special highlight to Aureylian, who did an awesome job of the playing the sensible character in a way that kept everyone on track, without restricting/diminish the zaniness of everyone else. Loved the cast chemistry.

(VyRe40) #20

If you did a whole Rollplay series, what sort of game would you want to run (rule system, setting, etc.)?