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[ONE SHOT Q&A] The Wicked Thimble!

Hi! Thanks so much for your nice comment!
Yeah I think for seasoned Dungeon World players it was obvious when I forgot how a roll worked and tried to just streamline it for the sake of pacing. I forgot a LOT in the moment but I think, unlike the first time when I would forget things and pause the whole show, I made an effort to just take a stab at it and hope for the best. Hope it wasn’t too frustrating to watch in that aspect!
I think Fate would be SO much fun to run. I’ve enjoyed Nebula Jazz so much because everyone has a lot of room to spread their wings and play the game they want to play.

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I’m currently very partial to Fate because it’s so…fun and open and rewards imagination in a way other games don’t. As for setting, I’ve been concocting a sort of dark Neverland themed game, which I’m sure has been done a million times but I keep focusing on the mermaids and how terrifying mermaids could be haha! Who knows? I’d love to get to the point where a series seemed doable for me and I’m so happy that everyone saw a big difference in my first game and this one!


OH also yes I LOVED Tamora Pierce as a kid but never read Circle of Magic, oddly enough haha!