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[ONE-SHOT Q&A] The Mystery of Magic Estates


(AdamKoebel) #21

I practiced my Minnesotan! /laugh glad I didn't TOTALLY butcher it.

(Twitch: gummipistol) #22

Since you've started to become familiar with the rules of Tales From the Loop, have you considered trying Mutant: Year Zero since TFtL was based on those rules?

(Fimbulwolf) #23

A lot of Stephen King novels give you this vibe, in terms of what age the protagonists are and how the setting feels. First thing I'd point out would actually be "It".

(banned) #24

It's really interesting. Given the nature of oneshots being a timed event how little or lot of the story you can get through with system intro and character creation then getting to a story.

(apepi) #25

Canadian/Minnesotan isn't that different I don't think. I have always seen Minnesota as the Southern Canada from US.

(Chrisploitation) #26

Wow, that came together real nice! I'm even more pumped to see if I can't cobble together a one/two-shot once my group finish our current Lamenations of the Flame Princess-campaign.

The Q: which 80s fad/fashion deserves a revival? I'm torn between the Mullet and glam rock

(banned) #27

Do you feel like the Oneshots should have off livescreen (ie patreon or just recorded elsewhere) character creation?

Or do you think it being live is an integral part of the experience?

We've seen it done either way before (Grim off live and Tales on live) and sometimes it feels like we lose out on valuable time depending on the generation system in question.

(corran1189) #28

I think it depends on the creation system. If there's collaboration(like the relationships here) then I think it's worth seeing live, because you need everyone together for that. If not, like in Grim, then patreon makes more sense.

(AdamKoebel) #29

Completely dependent on the game. If the game demands it, we do it.

(Kol_Saresk) #30

I kinda like some of the character creations actually being in the one shot. Most of the time the background creation actually cements in parts of the world, which is cool.

Sure, some shows like the Grim have to do it offscreen because 40K is such a flippin huge background canvas to work in and it takes a while to move through the story, but for the most part it doesn't seem that bad.

To me, the point of the one shots isn't to make a good short story or novella, but to simply tell what they can of a story. Sometimes that means a neat, wrapped up little 3 issue comic arc. Sometimes it's Angel where you end on a cliffhanger as he charges the dragon.

(thyL) #31

After a very, very busy long weekend with family and friends over I finally managed to watch the show and what can I say?
Just as with Dogs in the Vineyard, I love the players, the GMing, the scenery, the scenario, the pictures in my head. Even though I wasn't even born at the time, it felt super cool watching the players reminisce and bring up both jokes and music from back then.
Props to everyone involved, thank you so much JP, for making oneshots like this possible.
10/10 would watch more episodes of Tales from the Loop with this cast.

(jaypegtv) #32

Nick cave... i nearly died