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On the recent questions regarding Steven


(notNOTjack) #29

I completely agree that being a public figure does not mean you are required to disclose any information you feel you should keep private. You certainly shouldn’t do it, regardless of whatever the public’s actions and behaviour, if that is your wish. You can even do what JP just did perfectly here, which is addressing the situation and clarify it without actually revealing the private matters that where not meant to be shared.

I also completely agree the public is not entitled to that information and has no right to demand any more insight into the private ongoings of the lives and businesses of those public figures. But demanding information that was deemed private and creating theories and debating those theories isn’t at all the same. People don’t have the right to demand anything of the sort but they do have the right to speculate or create theories based upon the information that is willingly given to them. If you believe it to be wrong or that people should not delve into these speculations is an entirely different story.

I just meant to state that it is something that is going to happen and is unavoidable because of the status of being a public figure that generates a following and garners the interest of many (I realise the way I phrased it might have come across a bit rough) and that the only thing the public figure can do is limit the speculation in a way or another, which is what JP is doing and, in my opinion, correctly.

It’s just natural to the inquisitive human mind to, as Jabba_the_space_gangster puts it, fill the gaps with what information they have and what is hinted or read between the lines. Of course those speculations shouldn’t turn into “witch hunts”, or be stated and regarded as factual, but also the fact that people are debating these speculations and theories doesn’t inherently constitute a witch hunt or a negative thing. The demanding of information not divulged, the statement of theories as fact and the feeling of entitlement of the ones that actually pester those figures for those insights is what constitutes a problem and what should be seen as something negative, and not the debate and sharing of speculations.

I don’t exactly agree with the analogy you make at the end, I feel they are wildly different things due to the variables involved (but I full heartedly agree that keeping some information from your child, or from people in general, isn’t a reprehensible or bad thing to do) but I also am not a public figure or a parent like yourself so I wouldn’t really know.

I hope I wasn’t out of line, it certainly wasn’t my intention.

(GreyGryphon) #30

I'm not going to ask myself any such thing because it's none of my business.

I wish more people would remind themselves of that before going on wild social media frenzies.

Like freaking sharks smelling blood in the water.

Edit: If you can't tell, I freaking HATE social media. It has produced very little good and a whole LOT of negative in the world in general.

(Darkvlagor) #31

Aggressive punchlines tends to put people on the defensive, with the same tone :wink:
A more positive phrasing tends to put a point accross more efficiently !
:itmejpbro:I still love you tho bb

(notNOTjack) #32

Yup. It was poorly phrased no doubt and I got the reaction I deserved for my mistake.

Love you too buddy <3

(VyRe40) #33

Amusingly, fan comes from "fanatic" etymologically - a late 19th century short-form of fanatic. But yeah, the vernacular has changed somewhat.

The problem with fanaticism is that, though you can exert some influence over its spread, you can never really control it outright to the degree that it can be eliminated since some people tend toward those personality factors - obsessiveness, information control, paranoia, etc.

Kinda falls into the category of haters and trolls (in that they'll always exist in some form), and you just have to be careful with what you put out there knowing that some people in a certain state of mind will latch onto something and make drama where there shouldn't really be any. It's not right, but it happens.

(NoDecafPlz) #34

If you and Steven are cool, and he knows he is welcome, then the details aren't really our business.

(DrewM87) #35

yeah man, I remember learning that when I was a little kid. As you pointed out, the way it's used as changed and evolved over time.

(Bezier123) #36

All accusations are caused by people caring to much. Fanatical or not, what fans really wanted to get from JP was hope that there's more Swan Song or more Steven in the future of Rollplay. If everything is alright the hope is there and hope is all everyone needs. Because most people can clench their teeth and give things time if they are allowed to hope for a better tomorrow.

Seriously though - JP proven on many occasions that he knows exactly that. So many annoucements were given just so that fans could believe that things are not over even if they were.