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Old Man Berg Fanart


(Voidwalker91) #1

Finally i found some time and inspiration. Don't really know where i'm going with this style, but i thought that making a Bergzerk art with it was a must xD
Hope you'll like it <3 <3

(saberthedarklord) #2

So glad your back to making fan art, I love your stuff man

(Twitch: uzling) #3

Voidwalker91 thanks for a lovely picture of my favorite character on court of swords. I'm super hyped for todays live, live show, and I really hope it inspires more talented people like you to make even more fanart.

(Daddy_de_Chef) #4

This is really neat art of Berg, I would buy a T-Shirt with this picture on it.

(Landwaker) #5

The look is great and the stained glass style has interesting implications. The blue is calm but sad in light of Azure. Old Man Berg indeed, cheers.