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(banned) #21

Where'd he say that?

(Might be Captain Marvel) #22

in the video that is in the first post
JP even mentioned the possibility of a vote

(banned) #23

Most likely is not "will be"

(Might be Captain Marvel) #24

I know that is why I said


(banned) #25

Yeah, I caught that right after I posted my other comment lol.

I hope he doesn't just do current shows in the beginning, I think getting old art made would have the capability of resparking interest in older content.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #26

I hope so too. I would love a mirrorshades poster with a blueprint wile e. coyote style of the plan with the burgers or a Swan Song "annual" meeting poster. Maybe even mostly text posters that say "it's always the right leg" or "the grav tank is a lie"

(banned) #27

For Mirrorshades I'd want a picture of the Hand Job, and Swan Song Titanfall.

I like action shots.

Although for Dark Heresy I'd think I'd like something akin to the BoP wallpaper, a character motif basically.

WM I'd like a tavern scene with all the characters

That's just off the top of my head though.