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Official Annoucements/Updates Sticky Thread?

Would it be possible to have an ongoing, sticky thread that could act as a centralized location for announcements and updates here on the community site? e.g. “No monthly one-shot because of move” or “Blades cancelled due to technology problems” or “Next COS guest star is X”. Additionally, there could be posts which link to JP’s youtube update videos when he makes them, so non-Youtube followers would find them easier.

I imagine only @moderators and @itmeJP would have the power to edit it/add comments.

In a recent thread, someone complained about no news on the monthly one-shot, and was told JP discussed it during a video livestream, which that person doesn’t watch. Several times there have been community-site questions about issues announced on Twitter.

I am happy to check Twitter, but I know many people don’t use it and it can be hard to find info on Twitter, since new tweets can be made/bury information. This thread could act as the official centralized location for updates/news.


Just to be clear that information was shared by me on the forums of JP answering a viewer question while streaming. It was not set plans for the one-shots/RollPlay shows. Those are shared on twitter then on discord/the community site (usually by members of the community).

There is the announcement category on the forums. That could be used for this purpose. Not sure if you just want 1 news thread or a topic for each thing?

I would be linking to tweets and as you mentioned youtube videos for the most part. I would not want to make an announcment thread without a source to point to.

If it was a sticky in order to draw attention to it then I would say a new post for each would be better for better archiving. But edits are also stored. I would say keep it to only a couple of stickies though. It’s annoying as hell when I visit a forum and half of the first page is stickies that were last updated 15 months ago.

I think the implied idea is basically a thread that repeats JP’s schedule, but just for rollplay shows, and is updated with posts showing delays, speed ups, cancellations, and the such. So, the schedule that already exists but with posts saying whenever a rollplay showtime or show date is being altered and why. At least, that’s what I got out of reading it. I could be wrong.

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Maybe one sticky post as a news ticker with the latest topic on top that links to posts or twitter?

i would love a central point to see whats going on thats not twitter( i use it but way to often i miss stuff)

  • Maybe as Jabba mentioned update the schedule to also reflect canceled shows

  • Make a monthly thread with whats happening that month and/or update it each time something gets added/removed

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Since it’s an official announcement thread I would not be doing that because it would require pointing to vod which means non-subs can’t watch those. [quote=“NoorElBahrain, post:2, topic:1170”]
I would be linking to tweets and as you mentioned youtube videos for the most part. I would not want to make an announcment thread without a source to point to.

The current plan is I will make locked 1 sticky thread in the announcement category with news about RollPlay shows. updates, new scheduling, why something was canceled and the like.

It will mostly contain links to tweets, and youtube videos and depending on the situation replies from JP about RollPlay when a question is asked on the community site.

I’m thinking another thread in the announcement category to collect those questions.

If this is agreeable I will go ahead and make those threads.

@TheDesec So one post instead of the proposed sticky thread? That could get a little long and each new post in the thread would alert people that there is a new entry piece of news. Even with the newest being at the end of the thread discourse will auto take you to the last read post You can also use the slider on the side and the END key on your keyboard to take you to the last post.

20 character text limit

I was talking to Noor about this yesterday in mod chat. I believe the plan is to say something like

JP likes cheesecake
Link to twitter post where JP declares his love for cheesecake

Which will allow people who do not scroll though the whole of his twitter feed to find the information. (And do the same for YouTube announcements)

The problem when JP says something on stream is that unless people are on point to hit the clip button its hard to reference streams.

  • If we include a link to the stream VOD then non-subs can not access it. (A constant pain in JP’s arse as been the inability to cherry pick which VOD’s are Paywalled, he has said a number of times if he could have his Video game VODs free for all but the RollPlay content Paywalled he would)
  • Clips have to be done from the live stream as iirc you can not clip from a sub-only vod (atleast you couldn’t, dunno if twitch have “fixed” that, I’ll have a play and see if I can clip from my subed account) hense my point about people having to be on point with their finger on the clip button.
  • Even if a clip is made the clip system makes it hard to fine tune the clip and some of the info might be cut off the end.

The way around this would be to either have one of the mods with editor priv’s to make a highlight on JP’s channel of what was said OR to download the VOD, edit it down to the important bit and host that clip on YouTube or somewhere and link to that.

If you have a better suggestion on how to reference this information feel free to share :smiley:


I believe Twitch fixed the clipping during vod thing, because I remember making one where Strippin knocked Dodger off a ladder in For Honor a while back, but I think it’s sub only too.

No you still can’t clip sub only vods :itmejps:

I just tried on JP’s last vod and got a “clip not found” error.

Dodger disabled sub only vods a while ago, dunno if strippin ever enabled it on his but his are not sub only atm.

Oh, bummer. Apologies.

Just wanted to say thanks for taking the suggestion and running with it. I figured if I threw out a scenario, y’all would find the best solution since you know how the community, forums, how news flow works.

I think the questions thread is cool, just don’t want JP to feel overwhelmed with questions and I hope people are cool with waiting for answers sometimes.

I think it will all depend on the participation and types of questions mixed with how busy he is. If many people ask questions, and not just one or 2 people asking all of them, I see it being much more productive and incentives JP and Daniel to answer more frequently.


And if they’re actually unique questions, not the same question asked ninety different ways.

Although, it is kind of interesting to note, that if the live shows count towards the one shots number, they’re actually ahead because by my count, since patreon began, they’ve done three live shows and six one shots, and this is the eigth month. So they could actually skip this month and next month and still be square for one shots. Probably should just for the resting period.