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Oddballs EP 3 Discussion thread

Making this thread before the episode because otherwise it would be late.


First funnel cakes and now xheese balls this show makes me hungry every week.
I really enjoy this show, and can’t wait to find out what fate has in store for Clarence and his new friend.

Clarence’s breakdown was hilarious. Also, it feels like the story is really ramping up now with the government agents getting into the mix.

This show has surprised me so much. How well each player embodies their characters is crazy. It’s amazing.

Personally I was… ok with this episode. I’ll stick around for the next episode but I just didn’t really like the rollercoaster that Clarence was on where he had essentially no power to do anything. It’s that same thing that turned me off to the end of the Adventure Zone. Also, it kind of irks me how they ignore some of the rules such as Pride instant successes, leadership being able to heal conditions, and even the calculate skill. I Feel like so much narrative time could be saved if they utilized that skill.

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I agree, the railroading’s a bit much and it’s all very drawn out partially because Jesse is still a very new GM and partially because they don’t use the rules that would help them speed things along.

That said it’s a very promising bud and if Adam or whoever chimes in sometimes and gives a few pointers to Jesse it’ll be grand

I agree there does seem to be a railroady nature and the players need some guidance on how to use their non movement skills but I’m going to withhold judgement for a bit since it’s a new system and Jesse is still learning as a Dm. In the post show Jesse did mention that Samantha could use her lead to help with some of Eddies conditions so I think they will figure a lot out as they go.

It took me a while to catch up with this ep, but it was all quite the (genuine) giggle. Good stuff.