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Oddballs EP 2 Discussion thread


(Might be Captain Marvel) #1

the adventure continues!

(Macaluso100) #2

Fern is completely the breakout character for me. All of the rest of the cast is great and plays their roles wonderfully but Elspath’s acting and voice for Fern is just a league above the rest of them. Even with her face on her camera she seems to almost transform into this character. A lot of the time it’s hard to picture a character that’s not an altered/make up’d version of the person playing it (it’s hard not to picture Rex as a sharkboy version of Sam), but then you have characters like Eugene or Higgins who the character feels fully realized in my head as I’m listening to them and they don’t even need the character description. Fern is 100% one of those. I’m blown away by that character.

Protect Fern at all costs

(Lord_Eliphas) #3

Nana is an MVP

(ginix25) #4

I just imagine Eddie going home and building a shrine to an old Chuck Taylor now.