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Oddballs EP 14 Discussion Thread

Oddballs continues today!

Oddballs: Cursed Dice

Are they playing were Jesse can kill their characters cause I thought in tales from the loop the go wasn’t allowed to kill the pcs

They’ve spoken about that a couple of times now. Jesse is not going to kill any PC. He has mentioned it before and mentioned it again on the last Post-show discussion. But they can lose their characters if they get too many Conditions, as per the rules.

Not sure if the cast talks about dying during the show and the RP because they forget that aspect of the game or because they are playing their characters and their characters feel like their lives are in danger. In any case it makes sense, RP-wise, that they would be afraid of physical harm and the threat of death and in the end losing your character to be controlled by the GM and never getting it back isn’t that different from having your character die so they might as well just treat it as such :wink:

Ok thanks i can’t watch the post shows so thanks for the info

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