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Next Live Show Speculation

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Will it be Mirrorshades? From what I gathered, Adam will be the DM. So unless it's a oneshot, what else could it be? Also there seems to be a very strong vision as to what the set should look like (judging from the Behind The Scenes Set video on Patreon). This to me implies that there is great familiarity with the world it'll be set in already. What do you guys think?

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It's strongly implied in the set design Patreon video from the Nebula Jazz Live Show, where it's stated that Adam had specific input on the design for the set of the next show.

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My guess is a horror themed one shot being so close to Halloween. Maybe Dread or a Cthulu game?

(jduats) #6

I'm hoping for a revisit of Dogs in the Vineyard, last year was around Halloween. Its probably a long shot considering the cast involved though.

(Olf_Himself) #7

My speculations were:

  1. Halloween themed one-shot
  2. Blades finale
  3. A second CoS live show

I put CoS in there only because it seemed Scoots might have slightly implied that the next one would have DnD as the rule set.

(Kol_Saresk) #9

I'd be okay with a Blades finale. I understand why the show ended, but I hate cliffhangers lol.

(boeiee) #10

i was speculating a special halloween(?) themed CoS show. No idea why though XD

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Oh! Guys! What if the next live show will be the 1st episode of a new show? Maybe even the Burning Wheel show Adam has been dreaming about for some time now?

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So a freethought dark metal apocalypse world? Sweet.

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@AdamKoebel You are not helping! Are you helping? :smiley:

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i'm really not helping

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it sucks really really hard

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Dear Adam Koebel,

You are evil for posting pics of RPGs that might not be the I shall post my own RPG suggestions in return!

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