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[NEWS & DISCUSSION] Rollplay One-Shot: World Wide Wrestling

The next RollPlay one shot is RollPlay World Wide Wrestling! Join The cast and crew in a once in a lifetime wrestling event on July 22nd @ 4PM Eastern using the World Wide Wrestling RPG system

Holly Conrad
Brit Weisman

The GM
Adam Koebel

World Wide Wrestling RPG
Twitch events page


Holly & Brit are both great players from what I’ve seen of them on the dnd channel, it’ll be a great addition bringing them to Rollplay.

Pretty hyped for Commander Holly being on a One Shot. I wondered if she was ever gonna be on Rollplay

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I’m sure I’m alone in wishing for more well known guests, or at least guests I’m more likely to know/watch them later for one-shots. I mean I know Holly from Dodger, and I know Missclicks is a thing but… between not knowing who guests are, knowing other guests’ work and behavior (and disliking them for it), do all other slots have to be filled with “Friends/Coworkers of Adam”? Add on to how long introductions, going over rules, character creation, setup, etc… I end up just feeling “Meh” about the whole thing.

:itmejpexcite: As an avid wrestling fan, this is damn awesome. :itmejpexcite:

Gotta say, havent been this hyped for One-shots since Dodgers romp :wink:
Cant wait!

Not everyone is going to like everything. That being said, making comments like “have to be filled with Friends/Coworkers of Adam” when you have zero information on how the scheduling process or knowledge of any cast discussions is both mean-spirited and pointless.

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As Erasure sang:

Open your eyes I see
Your eyes are open
Wear no disguise for me
Come into the open

No need to judge people you don’t know. How else will you ever broaden your view? All of the guests are youtubers / streamers and not some “coworkers”… well i guess they are as Adam is a streamer too? I like to see new people and potentially see someone i start to follow. [spoiler]It’s also good for the participants as they can cross-pollinate viewers by having new faces around.[/spoiler]

The selection of possible female players might not be that wide. I guess some interest in wrestling is needed and i’m not sure how many can address to that and be able to be available for scheduling. Tho i gotta say Ezekiel_III could really have been something with a wig and some makeup. :itmejpcute:

You know of the scheduling process and knowledge of cast discussions as much as I do. Makes your finger wagging needlessly aggressive.

The only person I’m outright negatively judging is one, which I won’t name. Others I know from various Roll20 shows which personally, aren’t entertaining. With the exception of John Harper, I’ve known the others in some capacity before they were a guest on a one shot.

John Harper, Austin Walker, and Jerry Holkins are neither YTers or streamers, and as far as I know, Roll20 pays cast some monetary value ([spoiler]because it’s certainly not going into making their lfg system any better[/spoiler]). That makes some of the guests coworkers in some capacity. Does that mean none of those mentioned can’t? No… but It’s almost always either people who we’ve seen before on RP shows or Adam’s pool of friends.

I personally think there only really needs to be an interest in RPing for 3-4 hours. It is a one shot after all. I don’t doubt though there are just some subjects to me that I personally would be, for lack of a better word, repulsed by, purely on theme alone (Traditional Sports for example), so the same might be said for other people.

Zeke, Bikeman, a mekeish character in Giantwaffle. Someone who constantly gets mentioned and is practically in a wrestling-ish type persona everytime he streams is DrDisrespect - someone who I’ve never watched before. I’m unsure the decision behind an all-female cast but… whatever.

I dunno, especially for a one shot it makes sense to get a group who already know and are comfortable with each other - especially with this powered-by-the-apocalypse social style of gaming. As someone who doesn’t have the time to keep up with Misclicks and all the roll20 stuff it should be fun to see these guys in action in the best environment.

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As in the OP, it’s because of the GLOW theme.

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What is the GLOW theme?

Ok, that makes sense… not a style I’m into, but at least the cast choice makes sense.

The only thing I hope for is for the cast members to be somewhat knowledgeable of the wrestling world as I think that will make it much more enjoyable. A good inspiration to draw from could be Southpaw Regional Wrestling or Max Landis’ “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling”

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I think the all-female cast is mostly due to the new netlix show ‘GLOW’ being the inspiration for this one shot. At least that’s how it sounds. While I would definitely prefer to see Zeke on this show due to how perfectly he fits the theme I would typically want to see, I trust that Adam will have a theme in his head that will be enjoyable even if it differs wildly from what I was expecting.

Being somewhat familiar with the roll20 content, I’m pretty sure that elf and bluejay will put out a great performance, they mesh well together and have some really funny character interactions even when I don’t always enjoy their actual characters. I haven’t seen anything from the other half of the cast, but I can’t think of a single example of JP picking anyone actually bad, so I really doubt they will disappoint in any way.

Regardless of all that, I’ve been wanting a rollplay take on this ruleset since adam mentioned it ages ago (I think it might have even been 2yrs ago), so I was pretty pumped for this before I even looked at the cast.


Hey Adam, I was just wondering where you’ll be drawing your inspirations from besides GLOW?

the game itself, mostly. old memories of wrestlemania from the 80s also.

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I don’t know much about any of the guests on the show. My one hope is that at least one of them is a wrestling fan.

This is pretty cool. If Adam is drawing from the old days of wrestle-yore, I think it’d tickle the inner child of me who once thought wrestling was actual sports sports and not sports entertainment. That and I think R.Mika is kinda cool.