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[NEWS & DISCUSSION] Rollplay One-Shot: Mouse Guard


(That Guy™) #1

The next Rollplay One-Shot has been announced! Introducing Mouse Guard based on the Award-Winning comic of the same name by David Petersen and using the Burning Wheel system created by Luke Crane.

The players:

The GM:
Adam Koebel

Official Mouse Guard website
Twitch Event
GM Prep Event

The RollPlay News Thread
(AdamKoebel) #2

Awesome! Thanks Reginald!

Prep for Mouse Guard is super fun. We're gonna MAKE FLOWCHARTS!

(Might be Captain Marvel) #3

Can't wait! :itmejphype: I don't know anything about this system but hyped for the guests and Adam :smiley:

(Peluche_) #4

Omg! Mouseguard is great! I played it for a few sessions only, but kept a very good memory of it! :itmejphype:

(BorisIgnatievich) #5

Been eyeing up Mouseguard for a while (only knowing it's "burning wheel but easy" :itmejplol: not even familiar with the comics) so really excited to see this in action, if only so I feel crushingly inferior when I finally gm/play it!

Guests sound good too, not watched anything with Tristarae in but heard good things, and like the others so :itmejp10:

(Twitch: baron_netic) #6

As far as i know this is very much like Redwall in theme.

I loved that as a kid. If so. I am really looking forward to this :slight_smile:

(DealerUmbra) #7

Fiction-wise I would probably say it's closer to Dogs in the Vineyard, but with adorable mice instead of religion