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New Stars Without Number campaign


(Comfortablylexi) #21

I can’t wait for this show! I love Swan Song’s universe so much. Will we see another pop princess in the new universe? I feel like there was a great story to be told with Nika Starlight, but the crew wanted to blow everything up.

(Twitch: no742617000027) #22

I’m currently rewatching Swan Song and just got past the Nika Starlight affairs. Poor Wu :sob: I also wonder whether the new campaign will have the same retro scifi feel like Swan Song did (interspersed with modern ideas like Spacebook) or if it’ll be some other kind of scifi.

(Chrisploitation) #23

I just realized that if I start writing flavor text for whatever faction I’m involved with I’m probably gonna use language/scenes that’s heavily influenced by my job. It’s all obscure and specialized technology, beleaguered technicians/mechanics trying to explain to corporate how their latest last minute idea/request will add DAYS to the already crammed production schedule and so on.

…so uh, I’ll apologize in advance if/when I start using the faction term to bitch about work :sweat_smile: