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Need some Story advice SWN

So, im working on a SWN campaign setting, and the basic premise is this.

A corporation or government or some rich eccentric from before the spike drive was invented, built a fleet of slowboat sleeper ships to colonize a planet around another star. The ship, the vanguard of the colonization fleet, with a small crew of volunteers and a large crew of criminal labor in cryo has spent centuries traversing the void between the stars, and has finally arrived in system, the ship is in a sorry state, and only a few players awake, after the initial trials of getting the ship to the intended world, they will discover either through debris or a semi functional space station or landing etc, that there was a civilization here and eventually probably suss out that it was a human one (or not, you never know with PC’s)

for clarity tech available to the crew will likely be mostly TL3 with maybe a few TL4 goodies, and there will be no psychics (have some plans to add in the ability to get untrained Psychic powers, with the full and brutal penalties those come with, but thats getting a wee bit ahead of myself.)

so, i was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas for some good books that could give me ideas for this, maybe something about sleeper ships arriving in less than perfect condition at their destination and the trials thereof, or some stuff about the trials of colonizing a hostile world.

I would be incredibly grateful for any ideas, even if its not an idea on a book to read, anything is welcome.

(btw sorry if i chose the wrong forum for this topic, seemed like it would fit.)

EDIT: also, quick self introduction, since ive never posted here before, long time fan of rollplay, its basically replaced television for me, that and anime. favorite shows, West Marches, Swan song, Blades, Dark Heresy, court of swords and im forgetting the name of one.

don’t tend to be very active in forums, pretty lurky, but figured i at least owed a little self introduction since im askin for help and all.