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[Nebula Jazz] WTF Is Even Going On?!

I need your help, my community friends. What do you consider the salient points of the story of Nebula Jazz so far? I want to do a little “what’s Nebula Jazz” video this weekend for anyone who wants to catch up on the series and I don’t want to miss anything - give me a hand, would you?

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A spoiler free into.

A slime, Shark Man, Lizard Man, and A Robo Girl walk in a bar. Murder, a genocide key, and possible love story with a mysterious princess. Join our space candidates as they battle, eat, and talk their ways out of situations.


[spoiler]Eugene is a pile of wet slime after the artifact is activated by Aura. The princess and Little Mayhem are still missing. Aura is chilling at Jacks pad might learn to be a Hacker Jacker. Sparky is on Dead’s Man Reef.[/spoiler]

Please use the spoiler tool to hide spoilers next time - Noor


Episode Titles:

E01 Nebula Jazz Premiere
E02 A P for a P
E03 A Slime Among Tacos
E04 Rual Remembers
E05 Glorn in 60 seconds
E06 Premarital Rex / Alternate Slimelines
E07 A Reptile Dysfunction
E08 The Qinter Soldier
E09 Mission Qinpossible
E10 More Than A Feeling
E11 We Got a Lot of Enemies
E12 Starship Goopers
E13 It Takes Two to Dango
E14 14 Hours on Deadend
E15 A Dwayne Shaped Hole
E16 My Middle Name is Opportunity
E17 Gorilla Panini and the Chains of Love

Major Plot line is about the Destruction of Earth:
Key character:
Prince, Princess, Thuja, Qimba, Qin’s Sister
Duke, Robot Grandpa, Jack, Serpent Queen
The Stranger, Captain Slipknot, Raul, Sparky, Dango

Minor Plot lines include:
Eugene’s Betrayal(s) of Glorn
The Blixnort Libelacta
Rex and Thuja
Aurora’s Descent into Humanity
Break-up and Re-union


In an alternative universe where the earth was blown in the late 1980’s for mysterious reasons by advanced alien lifeform. Around 2 decades later we join a ragtag team of various aliens, including a sentient slime, a sharkman, a lizard man, and a humaniod girl, who claims shes a robot, with a robotic dog. While exploring a destroyed sspacesgip they recover a mysterious artifact that seemingly has high value. What follow is a series of unfortunate events that includes the death of an innocent peguin, a risque affair between a slime and the wife of a casino owner, being stuck in a 80’s US sitcom and even one of the crew finding out they might be a lizard messiah. All while the enitre universe hunts them down for the artifact that might be a key to super weapon that destroy planets. 10/10 will watch again. Or something like that


I mean , we could just be up front with people and say, “Even if you did go watch all the episodes, you’ll still be wondering what the actual fuck is going on. So just enjoy the ride and try not to pee your pants from laughter!”


They start off getting scavenging some crap, and they set up a meeting to sell their ill gotten gains.

Cut to a meeting with someone who turns out to be the crown prince of the universe, but he’s dead so obviously Rex eats him.

They haul ass off the planet to try to get to safety. And try to find out what is up with their scavenged scepter.

In their search they visit a bunch of places, Eugene slimes his way into some sticky situations, we meet Rex’s exes, and Aurora’s sitcom family unit, and Qin unbottles his emotions and becomes the Blixnort Libelacta?.. whatever that means.

Finally they find out that the scepter powers an immensely powerful warship of another one of Rex’s exes (he has a lot, ok?), but the galactic government douchebags also want it. The gang hides the scepter in a quadruple cross so complicated even the players lose track of the real scepter.

Rex communes with the contents of his bottomless pit of a stomach and starts seeing the crown prince he ate, and uses his advice to try to get with the crown princess. Who is half human. All the other humans are dead. Except Aurora who think she’s a robot synthomagus, but she’s really some kind of Jurassic Park-like genetic experiment to resurrect a species but with slightly less murders. Oh and also Dave, he’s a human.

Eugene tries his best to get the gang back together and just gets people killed, BUT IT’S NOT HIS FAULT!


Aside from what’s been mentioned above it feels like the scepter-heist, the fall of the Angarans, the murder of the prince, Rex’ big love, and Aurora’s deceitful upbringing loops back to the question of “why was the earth destroyed?”.

It started with a easy score, which now threatens at the least the stability and unity, and at worst the existence of the galactic empire. Be it undone by it’s own pride or by vengeance from those left in it’s wake is yet to be seen

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I don’t remember the exact timestamps or episodes, but I think it could emphasize on the fact that instead of rolling D20s and counting hit points Nebula Jazz is all about crazy shenanigans and that could involve most times when somebody compels someone (like when Qin was compelled to start a fight over a vapor-whisky jar in a bar on Margaritaville, or when Eugene was compelled to snatch a Space Fabergé Egg and then flashed its shapely jello-buttocks or any case when Rex was compelled to eat anyone) but especially the essence of Nebula Jazz is the scene when they are in orbit of Slynn and Qin ends up mounting a space piranha drone and rideing out into space to help Rex.

after the fall of the evil lizard empire the galaxy entered an age of prosperity under the guidance of the mengassy imperium. but the peace doesn’t last, after the mysterious death of the emperor the home planet of the princess get destroyed, smelling foul play the prince and his half human half sister set out to investigate these strange happening suspecting their power hungry uncle.

as our story starts a small crew of smuggler/scavengers are tipped of about a stranded mengassy cruiser that supposedly carries a valuable artifact

Rex - sharkanoid ex pirate with a long list of sorted love affairs and captain of our crew
Eugine - fast talking slime, knows what’s worth stealing and brains of the operation
Quin - giant lizard-man, hacker jacker, banished from his home planet for allegedly murdering all but one of the serpent rulers he was charged to protect and causing the fall of the empire
Aurora - gynoid modeled after the now all but extinct humans and totally not a human with cybernetic powers raised by robots, secret informant for Cybertron and ship mechanic

with the relic recovered the crew sets up a sale, but at their meeting the find only a dead prince and a small army of law enforcement, in desperation Rex eats the prince (no body no crime) and they run for it.
they elude the cops but are caught by Rex’s (ex)girlfriend and ward of the princess who reveals the scepter is actually a weapon used to destroy earth and helps them flee the planet on her ship

Quin convinces the team to go with him to clear his name this all turns out to be completely unrelated to the rest of the plot but it’s all very cool, they make some new enemies and topple a criminal empire along the way, and Quin becomes lizard Jesus.

Aurora reveals she used her cybertronian contacts to recover Rex’s ship to the crew makes a pit-stop on the robot planet and everyone but aurora learn that she’s actually one of the last remaining humans.
Quin destroys a bunch of data servers because he’s a badass.

trying to evaluate how much shit they are in Eugine uses is contacts to get the word out that the scepter is being sold and Quin sets up a trap with the help of a slime death cult

the crew finally meet the princess and Rex instantly falls in love but Quin doesn’t know if they can trust her and eugine wants some monetary compensation before handing over the relic, meanwhile Aurora develops a taste for alcohol and sells Rex’s ship to a scammer, the crew has a fight and they split up.

Aurora calls her stalker and asks him to pick her up
Quin gets captured by the mengassy while carrying the scepter
Rex mopes around in bars
Eugine stalks Rex


now it’s just a random clusterfuck while the players try to ex machina their way back together

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