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[NEBULA JAZZ // S02E10 Q&A] The Milwaukee Kendo and 24-Hour Laundry

mighty battles of romance and wonder

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Someone came up with a good idea in chat that I kind of embellished. Rex could get a stunt called Unfulfilled that can help him when fighting (maybe specifically when fighting a “boss”). Great episode as usual!

I imagined all the 'S’s on Emperor Darkthrone’s journal looking like this

in whiteout. Since he’s such a cool guy, y’know?


I really hope Dodger reilizes the only way that she will ever calm down leviatha is to just kill her and give her the glories love death she wants from her.

hell yes. totally.

Didn’t watch the yesterday’s episode, but: When is Emperor Darkthrone getting his own T-Shirt?

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The post show hasn’t been uploaded btw, idk if that’s cause of the move or it was just forgotten

Back in I think episode 4 when penny was downloading the translation into basil wouldn’t she have recognized him as a mangasi AI

He’s a rogue AI who answers to nobody so he could have altered his own code to avoid any unnecessary attention. That’s my headcanon anyway.

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Basil has also said that he is extremely old. So there’s a question of whether the code would have been one recent enough to be recognized by Penny or any hundreds of factors. And honestly, for an AI to be organic enough to change over time, it would have to have some capacity to change some of it’s coding on it’s own, otherwise it’d be the same artificial entity it was created as. So those thousands of years(Basil did say he was alive for thousands of years, right?) that Basil was alive, he very well could have rewritten his own code so that it was unrecognizable as Mengasi. I mean, obviously the fact that he’s okay with killing Artemis, the possibly last Mengasi can’t be something he was programmed with.

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Guess that makes since otherwise the male gibson sexbot hivemind probably would’ve recognized him as type of warship AI and tried to kick him out

Forgot about that. It could be that maybe the hivemind was a more powerful computer and partially rewrote Basil’s coding in an attempt to assimilate? Honestly, this could get pretty fascinating lol. It’s pretty amazing how AIs are a pretty good exploration of what defines “life”. When your entire existence can be erased or changed with a single keystroke, it really brings into question whether one is alive or not. Then again, all it takes is a single cell gone bad to wreck human existence, so it’s a pretty strong analogue.

So many secnerios that could happened to basil