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[NEBULA JAZZ // S02E10] Organic Love

the night’s always a party on the storm of light’s bane

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I’m 99% sure that both the newer Marvel movies and the new Star Wars movies are just straight up based on the writers watching Nebula Jazz. The 1% of doubt about this stems only from me not understanding why they wouldn’t have already done so from Mirrorshades onwards.

As much as I’m shipping Artemis and Leviatha it’s cool to see Dodger trying to avoid manipulating her. Coercive love isn’t love kids!

Also, I have to go listen to Dissection every time you mention Storm of Light’s Bane because I too am a giant dorky edgelord

  1. yes! it’s so interesting seeing Artemis trying to decolonize the relationship with Leviatha
  2. all the A’garans are named after super edgy bullshit, and I love it
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I hope you’ve created at least a couple new black metal fans. You’re doing Satan’s work sir \m/

You know what would be interesting is if after Artemis stab Leviatha leg the mind control wore off and the feelings Leviatha are feeling are actually real

I have to say, the Emperor has to be one of my favourite NPC’s in any Rollplay show. I absolutely love everything to do with the Agarans, all the metal references, all the outfits that my friends used to wear back in the day and so on. So much goodness all coming from Thuja’s initial semi-throwaway appearance way way back in season 1.

Someone in chat mentioned that the game was turning into a Mel Brooks movie and I can’t think of much in the way of higher praise. All you need is a miracle ending and you can stop being surrounded by assholes.

Insane episode as always. This Emperor, oh so good, glad he’s still around.

Question, was it establish before that A’garans live for hundreds of years, just like Sharkanoids or Lizardmen? If I’m not just messing up and misinterpreting what was described, the way Strippin and then Adam went on about Rex’s memory scene sets both Rex and Thuuja as young adults some 300 years prior to current events, right?

sure, why not.


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Just wanted to hop in here now that I’m caught up and say that Darkthrone asking Luna the riddle is probably one of my favorite gags from this whole series and this whole episode was a gem. Every episode feels like a highlight reel of everybody’s best stuff.

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I have to say, of all the shows I’ve ever GM’d this one is the hardest to do with confidence because being funny and trying to make people laugh for like, four hours straight is VERY fucking difficult and I really appreciate the positive feedback on the good stuff because it helps for when the other junk falls flat. :smiley:


The “pong and techno music”-comment made me remember something.


Not sure what i just watvhed but I can dig it.