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[NEBULA JAZZ // S02E07 Q&A] In Which Rex Decides to Abandon His Friends

Somehow, this magic happened.


Look, Twinkle is just in the “ugly duckling” phase right now. Once they hit puberty they’ll probably transform into a majestic space coatl.

Or not. Probably not.

I am both happy, an yes, so very sorry for the birth of this beautiful boi #Twinkle


oh man, I wonder if there’s a special like, cocoon phase and then these hideous ships become the enormous baroque ceramic wasps of the minghassi fleet. that’s a v cool idea.


I like the idea of a ship that keeps aging and growing larger as Artemis herself comes more to terms with her destiny until it’s Imperial flagship sized

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…I will, get back to u on this lol

When did Bazil become Marvin from THGTTG?

Adam. I don’t know how many times I had to stop my work and let whatever you just described sink in. That was the trippiest aural experience I’ve had since I listened to Welcome to Nightvale while down with the flu.

Not done with the episode yet but that idea of riding the pterodactyl into space given the proximity of the planets made me think of the Darth Bane trilogy. If I’m not mistaken there’s actually a moment in those books where Darth Bane escapes a moon, where he went to look for a Sith temple and Holocron, by riding a beast into space and crossing from the atmosphere of the moon to the very close atmosphere of it’s planet, Onderon. :slight_smile:

I hope Basil eventually becomes the Warmind… Make it a shared universe :wink:

Not gonna lie, I’m honestly surprised that @AdamKoebel didn’t try to describe the mancatcher as a ring of gom jabbars on a stick.

Just watched Crendor’s datamine video on the new WoW expansion. The toads look suspiciously familiar. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! Blizz, stop stealing things from NebulaJazz :wink: