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[NEBULA JAZZ // S02E04 Q&A] The Zoey Deschanel of Evil Robots

naked sharkanoids roaming the halls, armed robot uprisings, heartfelt moments of touching friendship. all in a night’s work for N E B U L A J A Z Z

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Thank you for cutting their fuel lines. Casino ship must happen. :itmejpgm::itmejpgg:


Prepare for a very long, convoluted set of rules and history for a variation to Slobak in the reply to this.

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_Alright. I missed typing this up last week, but I’m doing it now: the rules and some lore for Fasdbak, the slowest variation of Slobak. This was made with the help of thyL during the last episode of Nebula Jazz in chat. _

Though it’s name may seem a cruel irony, “fasd” is a word that, in a specific dialect of Millenial Elder, means “wow, that sure was slow. Honestly, I could empty a room full of nothing but light with a vacuum faster than you’re doing that.”
This magnificent game is played in a glass room in the oddest of casinos, located in strange places on strange worlds as the result of a Slowbak generator malfunctioning (a probability of 20,050,927,451,001/1), which is more improbable than an Improbability Drive failing. Due to this incredible unlikeliness, scientists have become obsessed with researching the locations of these fields, suspecting them of being battlefields of ancient droid tribes which are known to be the sites of strange happenstances. However, no one really knows. The field powers itself as a result of the malfunction, each molecule in the chamber releasing energy that is replicated through quantum cloning into a Quantum Cloner within the chamber (which doubles as the chamber!). Due to some special science, every player of the game (aside from Flyorimsh (fly-people)) stays alive until the end of the game ends OR their spawn is of age to replace them. The person who creates a child with the player is allowed to be chosen every 150 years based on said player’s standings in the game, and reproduction occurs during the game within the field at. Incredibly. Slow. Speeds. When their spawn becomes of age, they can choose whether or not to replace their parent in the game. Should they want to but their parent rejects the proposal, they must play a very long game of rock-paper-scissors to determine who continues the game.

Players aren’t allowed to quit the game according to page 7512 of the rule book, which contains the eternally-binding TOS. Despite it being hidden behind a long section of preceding pages about the anatomy of the cards used in the game that were grown on Germaniccus 7 and the dice formed in the Great Mines of Nebularkus Deprivixua, it IS legally binding according to the law of the Elders. (Some people seek to leave the game after 3 moves, about 16,986 years, but the contract won’t allow it).

The only species to see these games end are those who have existed since the beginning of the universe. This is their only consistent form of entertainment, as seasons take mere minutes to set up but last many hundreds of thousands of years to complete. Due to this, the referees are Jelophali (jellyfish telepaths who live around 400,000 years). It takes about 7 Jelophali refs before a game is finished. Somewhere around halfway between the game, some poor humanoid sap is dragged in to the game against their will as a wildcard. They can’t reproduce or die, existing on their own for the entirety of the game. Species who can resist the Fasd Field are only allowed to enter/play the game either every 74 years during the Festival of Turnupmus OR whenever giving them the proper handicaps to counter their resistance to the Fasd Field.

Elders are unable to play the game as stated in the rules, but they couldn’t even if they wanted on account of being magnetically attracted to Magnamagmar. The magnet holding them there can only be found on Magnamagmar and could counter a Fasd Field indefinitely, but anyone who attempts to retrieve them from the surface gets stuck there (given that they’re so powerful). Though the Elders are incredibly powerful, even they can’t escape the planet due to the magnets out-evolving them exponentially and negating their Great Evolutionary Powers.

That’s that. More information can be found in the Hitchhiker’s Travel Companion to the Grand Nebula and the Universe. Thanks for reading.


This is amazing and you are amazing for making it.


You absolute madman, you actually managed to put all the crazy ideas we came up with in there. Kudos to you!

Now that the station is destroyed though, we have to clarify a thing @AdamKoebel:
Is the ship just the upper part of the Casino and there was a lower part of the Casino that is now destroyed? That’s how I understood it in the beginning.
Because if that’s the case, we lost one of the few places that Fasdbak was played at as the Fasdbak field would have most likely been at the lower part around the actual space station (which evolved around the casino which evolved around that very special place). And quite honestly that would be a shame. And also yet again another circumstance in which Rex and team make not-exactly-friends.

Oh, just because it’s a nice thing to say: I really like this show. Did I ever mention that? It’s fun as spaceheck and the last episode was definitely right up the NJ alley. Nudity, droid uprising, murder, attempted (and failed) murder, stupid and not-so-stupid people, Hamsterpeople, … This show just got it.

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Thanks! I had fun coming up with it so figured I’d do what I said I would: compile that shizz

so I am lost is everything that has happened so far basically just been them trying to get a new ship? is that the story so far? and what happened to the important artifact

I’m not sure if someone has come up with this before as I haven’t seen the entire episode yet, damn you youtube, but please say that someone has thought of it already:

Cherry Poutine must have a brother to come to her aid,

Ras Poutine


Yes, in the previous episode Rex decided that he wanted to get a better ship. That’s what they’ve been doing up till now.

First of all, this is my first post here so I would like to thank Adam, JP, everyone in the cast and whoever might remain behind the curtain for making my favorite RP show.

Being done with the top part of the compliment sandwich I would like to offer some thoughts on this episode.

Artemis in my opinion did great. She’s really coming in as a very sympathetic character who’s trying to do her best, but gets caught up in ridiculous antics of the crew. There’s a lot of potential for character growth there and many possible paths for her to take. I can’t wait to see where she finds herself at by the end of the season.

Hamish and McCullough are fantastic supporting characters, providing some guidance and comic relief, when it was necessary. Wouldn’t mind to see more of them, even a glimpse.

“Elevator” smalltalk between Rex and magician’s assistent was very entertaining. I got a good chuckle out of that.

Here are some things that did not sit right with me though:

  1. Sam (Rex) straight up refusing to follow Adam’s lead and talk to Raul felt a bit iffy, like Sam knew Adam can’t kill him, so he was just pushing it. On the other hand Rex is a tough guy who certainly isn’t in touch with his feelings, so I that was in character for him. Perhaps I’m just reading too much into it.

  2. I may be looking at this wrong, but it feels to me like Luna is lacking direction. Outside of situations that require immediate reaction from her, she seems like a character driven by “class” or stereotype, rather than personality. Basically, whenever downtime occures she’s immediately back to dissecting people or brewing potions. I get that she’s a typical mad scientist, but right now Luna is all functionality and no personality, making her nearly a psychopath. It’s not easy to realte to such a character, making her less enjoyable to watch.

  3. Speaking of psychopaths, Basil. He’s definitely one. Watching murderhobos for me is only fun when there’s a full party of them and the adventure is tailored to this specific style of debauchery. And even then it gets old fast. In my opinion Basil has the same problem as Luna, being driven (almost) purely by a singular idea of “killing fleshlings” . In addition to all the same problems Luna has, this disrupts the flow of the story quite severely, And being encouraged by GM in his antics doesn’t help, particularly when I know how much Jesse enjoys being a powergamer. One of the most egregious moments was Basil gaining control over a robot army without as much as roll. And then sending said army after another PC. And then almost killing her just for kicks. If I’m being honest I wouldn’t want a character like this in my party.

And, it feels like the party right now consists only of Rex and Artemis. They’re the only people having a bond and a genuine relationship. Luna is new to the crew, so it’s reasonable that she feels like an outsider still, but why would anyone continue to drag Basil around after all the shit he’d pulled, I don’t know. I sincerely hope he get some character development as soon as possible.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still like the show and none of what I said matters as long as everyone on the show is having fun with it. Still, I figured that some discussion would be interesting, and, maybe it will provide cast with a bit of an outside perspective.


PS. Posted this comment in a wrong thread first, sorry about that.

I’d say Rex’s refusal was still very much in character and Sam using “Table for one” only showed that this is definitely a part of Rex.

I’m with you on the matter of Basil, though. No matter how often Jesse claims it’s just in good fun, it’s really not and this time Pokket didn’t seem happy about him either.

For the viewers it might be funny, but if I had someone pulling that at the table, he’d just be kicked. The whole character is designed to fuck the party, nothing else.